Where I’m From

I am from English bull dog that smells of decay.

From old favorite clothes and worn out shoes.

I am from the small, brittle, old, broken window, smelly, little ghetto, well furnished.

I am from the guamuchil, roses, wild flower, and marijuana.

The peanut planet, lemon tree, canna cultivars, tall green stem red flower, and infested lemon stump.

I’m from celebrating holidays together and no facial hair.

From Giovanni and Elidia

I’m from the tough love, violence, fuck you too, strong house hold and short fuse, sarcasm, polite respectful or disrespectful amongst each other.

I’m from lack of Catholic Church, now as we grew together but part.

From the time it was all five of us brothers and sister with our mother which makes us 6.

At the Azusa canyons, family and friends having a splendid evening.

All together as a family should be, the inspiration to keep my head up with always guide me and love me as his baby brother, is my older brother Giovanni.

Living room, four generations, baby nephew, child hood images, my mother’s photograph, rocks and colliding waves and oceans mural, baby picture.

Photographs can be torn apart, ripped, thrown away, burned, but memories of them last a life time.



Before I started writing  I saw images of when i was younger. I tryed to relive my childhood through my memories. I realize my tpoic after the professor spoke to us and gave us directions of what to write about, as he was speaking i was thinking back when i was very young and still got into trouble, nothing but good and bad memories came to mind. I like many of the ideas i wrote for this piece, although the last sentance is my favorite thing of my writing. This phrase i though of is meaningful, ” Photographs can be torn apart, ripped, thrown away, burned, but memories of them last a life time.) That sentence i wrote is so true to the way i percept it to be. This piece is meaningful to me because most of my memories rest in display for people to read. My writing swiches topics because they are diffrent ideas i though of trying to relive my memories. I dont think i would add anything more to this piece because i tryed to write another one similar but the first piece is better.

Descriptive Paragraph


Shrimp Alfredo

Milton Ramirez



The best Italian dish in the world would have to be shrimp alfredo.

I can see many things just to describe how mouth watering it looks.

Pink shrimp that is well cooked and mixed in a pot with other ingredients. Another thing is the pasta how golden brown it looks. What gives it more flavors is the white sauce that gives it a punch. The last thing I see is the green topping that gives it a freshly made look.

When I taste this food I can taste a variety of flavors. A rich flavor of creamy delight at every bite that is overwhelming. The delicious taste will put to rest your cravings. The milky sauce making each bit to die for is a good feeling. The over all taste in flavor is good.

When it comes to touching this food you can feel different surfaces. The warm sensation you get of the cooked pasta. The thick pasty sauce as your rub your fingers together. The mushy feel of the shrimp and you clench your fingers together. Also you can’t forget how wet the food leaves your hand as you touch it. When you put your ear against this food you can hear plenty things. One this that strikes your ear is the silence that brings calmness. You also hear the squishy maneuvering as you move your folk to serve yourself. One last thing you can hear is the sizzling that is left when this place is served right off the stove. A various amount of smell come to your scent. I can smell a stinky but good smell of all the combinations. Also the as you smell the food its an savory aroma. The last thing you smell is the feet scent that comes from rich Italian cheese.





Before i started writing, in my mind i saw this dish, i ended up getting hungry. When i was thinking about favorite foods it was hard for me to pick a topic because i love all foods, even new foods to try. Then i just decided to go with shrimp alfredo because i like pasta and sea food, also i like italian foods its rich in flavor. The first thing i did was outline and brain storm ideas, and descriptions. everything was done by order i couldn’t free write this time. Out of one idea, came 4 to 5 sentences relating to one thing. To compose a paragraph in my head was easy, yet finding the write words hard. It was easy because i would picture myself looking at this dish and i feel all five of my senses start working. Finding the right word was a bit harder because there was a guideline on what type of words to use. For this piece i only revise and then fixed grammar and punctuations.  I did not change any of my work after revising it, because then it wont be the same as i perceive it to be. This writing is meaningful because i have strong feelings to eating what i crave and satisfying my hunger. My writing shows the reader that has never tried this dish before a hint of how it would smell, taste, feel, hear, and look like. My writing is in order for people to read and understand how clear it is. My ideas are simple yet easy to read and understand what im saying. I did develop my ideas, then explained what i felt about my main idea and later write descriptive detail about them. My thinking was more confused because unfortunately my hands only saw what i needed to write about and i got stuck because its harder to start off nothing and just a memory. So i end up thinking really hard only to find every descriptive idea i personally experienced.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time in a time of judgmental people, there was one monkey who had the power to change the world. Pippy the jumping monkey, he dances, speaks monkey, gorilla, and some other language. Also he eats bananas like every time he eats. Pippy like materialistic things, he like luxury, he also likes the high life. What sets pippy apart from everyone is he uses his brain to control people so pippy was all wear form other monkeys so he thinks “I got the power to control all the humanity” so he was planning to control all the humankind, he started to teach other monkeys the way to how to act like using guns and tanks. Pippy became the leader of the monkeys thought them to be more human like and also thought them how to speak. It was unreal that the human who took care of him found him the forest teaching the other monkeys. By Pippy being leader he was enraged on how the humans treated monkeys. Pippy didn’t like how humans used monkeys as test dummies whenever the humans made a medicine or anything they tested it on the monkeys to see what the side affects could be and trust me, the side affects were deformity or fatal. So pippy thought to take matters onto his own hands by him training the other monkeys and such. He decided to form an army and got 50 other monkeys like him and got his army ready. Before he got them ready it just took him a while to remember their names because there’s too many other monkeys. Once he remembered every single name they got ready to march. The main one did that so they can have a routine and look like professionals. But that wasn’t the only thing he wanted. He wanted to do something so creative that later on that day and since they were going to have a routine with their march they were going to have to learn to march together around the moon and also around the earth. Piggy took his monkey to forest that’s when he met another monkey just like him the other monkey talk and walked just like him pippy said what’s your named my name is César and this my crew im the leader of this forest so pippy said that’s cool im the leader too my name is piggy and im the leader town im wanted to ruled over the world. He said this is cool lets go and rule our own planet and have our own language and grow lots of bananas and grapes and stuff like that.  The other monkey said sure why not I got nothing else to do and after that we can try to rule another world and make it fun.  Fine then it’s settled this is plan to rule to worlds grow lots of bananas and grapes and speak one language and lived happily ever after.


I saw a monkey with the ability of a human being brain function and a big mental information capacity. So from that came a monkey that is corrupted for power and the high life of many riches. Then the funny part is what other people ended up adding to it, it made me laugh. I like this piece that took one day to finish and give a brief revise. Most of my work is free write with a image that looks good to write about. I did not do any out line, i just went for it. I actually did compose a paragraph in my head, but i only saw pictures of what it was going to be about. What i did was, i left it up to writing about the picture in my head and thats how i compose paragraphs to my writing. It kind of feels like a clip rolling in my head and all i can to is write about it. After my first line in the paragraph, i had the ideal story in how my story would take course. So i was calm yet under pressure a bit due to being timed making something up. In most of my pieces i don’t think there are actual steps to composing any of my pieces. When i write, i write theres nothing more i can say about that, i just get lifted and left my fingers tell the story. After the piece was finished, i did revise it. The first thing i never did was change any major idea created by the other students. I left the story as it was, i just fixed any grammar and spelling typos. This writing is meaningful to me because it was a collaboration of about 20 students or less and ideas to add on to the story. I really enjoyed working on this story. the writing showed many sides of view on the topic, the story line was spontaneous. Some of the grammar and spelling was not too clear so i had to revise is and only got and idea of what is said to take its place.  Soon after that i fixed it up and then though it was possible for other people to read and understand my writing. My writing is clear to read. I was able to develop and explain my ideas because that first paragraph explain how the course of the story line would go. MY thinking and Growing came as i was feeling goofy, for i picked a monkey making it funny to give it human characteristics. I was only thinking imaginative goofy ideas.


A pig, a cow, a chicken, and a farmer


Many days have passed by and not one day that issue left his mind. Meet farmer Armstrong, now he comes from a family of NASA heroes. Unfortunately he only made it passed the 7th grade. Armstrong was good at surviving on his own, using the natural resources the land had to offer, also was good at manipulating his habitat. Although he was not that smart up in space, he was smart down here in his little farm. Then comes the cow and chicken and later comes the pig. These barn animals are some mutated creatures of some sort because they talk.


Armstrong “I think I remember hearing of a radiation spill over by the lake over there”

He really think there was a radiation spill, there probably was for I also remember something about a radiation spill.


Cow: “I don’t know why but I feel at home as we arrive at this place”

Chicken: “ First of all this is a barn, and there’s nothing good about it. Secondly we are mutated animals, as far as they think they know. Last of all I know animals like us stay caged here.”

Cow: “Don’t beat yourself up rooster”

Chicken: “Maybe your right bull”

Cow: “lets engage a conversation with that human reject. I bet his brain is the size of a T-Rex.”

Chicken: “shut up don’t laugh and follow my lead”

Armstrong: “ oh hey there wanna join the barn?”

Cow: “hey chicken, you think he knows we can talk?”

Chicken: “no you fool, he know animals don’t talk, hold on pshhh try not to laught ahaha”


Chicken: “Farmer I am God”

Armstrong: “God you’re a chicken, well I’ll be darned Hallelujah!!I thought you were jesus the Christ or a holy spirit?”

Chicken: “yes! That is I failed to mention, umm jose , hollymolejah!”

Armstrong: “what did you just say you stupid chicken, because supper time is coming and im hugry. Top of the food chain.”

Chicken: “lets be ration quarter brain”

Cow: “ I will maul you farmer!”

Armstrong: “you are vegetarian, ya dumb cow, did you know you produce milk? Ahahah for some animals that can talk you sure are some stupid barn animals”

Chicken: Get in contact with Pig, and give him our location.”


Armstrong started to plot something; the idea was something devious to do. His plan was to let the barn animals help him prep up his late breakfast and his breakfast is, well I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


Armstrong: “I bet you two can’t help a poor old man cook”

Chicken: “what are you cooking, corn soup? Ahahaha”

Armstrong: “ something like that, more like a soup stew.”

Cow: “well I guess we have some time before you are obliterated.”

Armstrong: “ okay chicken go over by the barn and there’s going to be a screen just look at is for a while, and cow head over by the stables and there’s a machine you get on to make energy.”

Chicken: “yeah sure whatever.”

Cow: “ Okay farmer I’m here, but I’m stuck and can’t move anymore.”

Armstrong: “ you’ll be fine cow, ill go help you in a bit. Ahaha”


The chicken walked into a decapitation room, where he looks up to the screen and a blade comes to chop the neck area so they bleed out and die. That farmer led both of the mutated barn animals into traps where they later died. Now the farmer takes the cow first, then the chicken to the slaughterhouse and cuts them into pieces. Once he finished that he added the final ingredients to his stew.


8:20 am

Once the stew was read to be severed the farmer waited a bit longer to eat. Sure enough the pig arrives, looking big round and plum, at least that how the farmer looked at him. When the farmer looked at the pig you can see bacon and pork chops in his eyes.


Pig: “hog has arrived to your location, bull, rooster, over.”

Pig: “ you guys hear me, over.”

Armstrong: “ well hello clumps of bacon, I mean little pig you are lost right.”

Pig: “ should I speak to this human, or should I not?”

Armstrong: “ I know you can talk, its ok I met your friends they left me a message and told me to show you around the back of the barn.”

Pig: “well what did they say, and where did they go?”

Armstrong: “ they say you will be with them soon, to wait a while longer, and the when to a little trip up north.”

Pig: “ as long as they return, we have unfinished business to talk about.”

The farmer had a very devious grin as he sweet-talked the pig to relax and forget about his friend. He bathed the pig in mud, fed him a variety of scraps of vegetables. Not a moment too soon and the farmer came out with a long barrel 45 revolver pointed to the back of the pigs head.


Armstrong: “ hey pig you like lullaby’s?”

Pig: “ well I can’t say I don’t.”

Armstrong: “then go to sleep my little dinner.”

Bang! The farmer shoots the pig in the back of his head and carries him to be boiled so he can take the hairs off. The Pig is not cleaned and hairless, now its time to be hung to loose all the blood. The farmer cut the pig as he was suppose to and made some pork chops and bacon and ate his dinner. Armstrong was feeling weird to his stomach, and he felt dizzy. Soon before he knows it he dropped to the floor dead, for he ate the barn animal that had radiation in them.



The first thing i saw in my mind was a pig, a cow, a chicken, and a farmer in a farm. The only realization i had about the topic was the scenery and what goes on in farms when it comes time to eat. I did a little revising for the piece, nothing major just mispelled words and correct punctuations. i wrote the whole draft and did minor editing, i didn’t change more that a sentencce. I did get stuck on where i left on when i stopped this writing. Continuing this writing was a bit of a struggle because i was out of fresh ideas so i needed to innovate need ones, although it took me a while to think of new methods on how this conversation should end. I knew what my writing was ging to be about when i saw the four things i needed to bring to life and write about. The writing is not really meaninful to me, its suppose to be some sort of comedy. My writing builds up to what is going to happen next. i was able to devlope and explain my ideas because in my method is it builds throughout the plot. I realy like how the animals are easily fooled by a man in control or his habitat. The only thing that would end up happening if i were ever to keep on adding more materials to this piece would be sort of a movie or some kind of short film. i would bring it to live in my head and just give the 4 objects imtaking about a skit.






Children’s Book

Milton Ramirez

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Gross Gus

Gross Gus was a little boy who loved to pick his nose, now he didn’t get his nickname just because he picked his nose. One day he came from school and too off his shoes and socks.


Gus: “ mommy I’m home, hey mom?”

Gus’s Mother: “sweetie I’m busy I’m almost done with some paper work.”

Gus: “but mom I’m hungry.”

Gus’s Mother: “ I made you pb&j sandwiches cut in little squares just how you like, with soy milk.”


Peanut butter and jell sandwiches’ was Gus favorite snack, along with soymilk. So Gus runs off to the kitchen to eat his favorite snack.


Gus: “hmmmm, I wonder if I pick my nose and add it to my sandwich it will give it more flavor. After all it goes good with lemonade.”


Gus picks his nose and pulls out a huge snot rocket, and adds it to his sandwich. Many kids did not know about eating buggers, because they though it was gross. Once Gus finished his snack, he undresses and takes off his shoes and socks. The thing he always would do is picking at his feet and then smells his finger.


Gus: “I don’t know why but I like the smell.”


The kids from the neighborhood are nosy little brats, so they had a habit of looking through people’s windows. As Gus was picking at his feet and smelling his finger three little kid seen him and they said.


Nosy Kids: “ ewww look at Gus, he is gross!”


Gus had no idea that the nosy neighbors were watching, and worst of all he was in his under wear with what looked like chocolate stains, but they were not chocolate stains.

Another gross thing Gus would not do was shower. After 4 days he would shower, but with no soap. His mom never really paid any attention to him because she was always busy with work, so he would do as he pleased.


Gus: “ I think I’m going to the back yard and see how my worms are doing.”


Gus had a collection of worms in a glass container so he can see them move around. The sun was going down, and he knew it was time to go inside.


Gus’s mother did not understand poor little Gus he was always misunderstood.

The next morning at school, boy was it hard for Gus during recess. All his friends made fun of him calling him gross Gus. He was very sad because of the fact that they all turned on him and no one wanted to be next to him. So he turns to his teacher wanting to go home.


Gus: “ Mrs. Applebee I want to go home, I don’t feel happy.”

Mrs. Applebee: “what wrong sweetie, are the other kids being mean to you.”


When Gus gives in and tells her yes she feels his pain and reaches over to him and gives him a big warm hug. Then he soon forgot he was a school, thinking it was his mom’s hugs, but she doesn’t do that anymore. Mrs. Applebee noticed that Gus was tearing and hugging tightly. That point on she knew he was being neglected by with mother because she hardly has anytime to nurture her little boy. Gus started to become attached to his third grade teacher. He learned to ignore the name-callings because they were hurtful but true and he accepts the truth. Mrs. Applebee found out why the kids would call him names, and she figured out many solutions to fix the bad habits.

Mrs. Applebee: “ hey Gus why do you pick at your nose so much?”

Gus: “I like to eat my boogers they taste salty.”

Mrs. Applebee: “ you need to stop doing that you can cut your nose and bleed, its scary and gross.”

Gus: “I don’t want to bleed mom.”


Mrs. Applebee kept on asking him question after question to see why he does the gross things he does. She felt different after Gus called her mom because that word slipped from his mouth. She likes Gus a lot because he was different than the other kids. So Mrs. Applebee kept on asking questions and discovered something shocking.


Mrs. Applebee: “hey Gus does your mom ever spend time with you?”


Gus stood quiet for a short moment, tearing from his eyes he answered back.


Gus: “ no my mommy doesn’t like me, she always is busy with work.”

Mrs. Applebee: “well don’t be upset she is doing it for you.”

Gus: “so my mom does care for me?”

Mrs. Applebee: “every mother will always love their child”


Each day Mrs. Applebee would ask him more questions to he how his progress at home and personal issues are going.


Mrs. Applebee: “hey Gus did you stop picking at your feet and smelling your hand after?”

Gus: “no it feels good and smells strangely good.”

Mrs. Applebee: “eeewww. That’s gross Gus, your nose can fall off for doing that you should be careful.”

Gus: “ I don’t want that to happen because I wont be able to smell anymore.”

Mrs. Applebee chuckled and said, “ Then stop doing that then.” Gus agreed if only she would buy him and herself an ice cream cone every Friday after school, Mrs. Applebee said yes.

Days passed by weeks even and Mrs. Applebee stood looking after Gus. The last question she was waiting to find a way of asking it so Gus wont has to give his whole childhood memories away to be better. The question she had on her mind was about the worms, she never asked him that question because she too was once a kid and only had one mother who would not pay any attention to her.


The last day of school was approaching meanwhile Mrs. Applebee prepared only Gus for middle school because kids are meaner during that age. Class ended and all the kids ran out the door looking forward to their break vacation. Gus was the last to leave and as soon as he was going out the door Mrs. Applebee stopped him.

Mrs. Applebee: “hey have a good long break, Gross Gus.”


They laughed, smiled, and departed.







Spooky Story Starters

Milton Ramirez

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He looked into the Cave for a long time, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, until he could barely make out what appeared to be a women’s face looking back at him. She had a pale skin complexion, with such an innocent face, with deadly eyes.

ZERO: “ why cant I move, I feel stuck, all that works is my mind.”

The man was in an instant trance, hypnotized by her cunning face, and frozen of the fear you created by staring at her eye. As she starts approaching the man, sweat emerges from his pores; the women smiles and you can see blood on her dark razor sharp teeth.

ZERO: “can anyone hear me!?!Help! Help me please!!”

MysteriousWomen: “ no one can hear you down here, zero, ahahahahahahah, your good as dead.”

ZERO: “What do you want from me?”

MW: “No deed goes unpunished, I want your soul!”


Music plays from what sounds like a broken record playing backwards. Screeches of horror are heard afar in the darkness. The man starts shaking for death comes near; he hears a repeating thumping sound, LOUDER AND LOUDER THE SOUND GETS AS SHE EMMERGES. The beat of is heart pounding out of his chest.

ZERO: “stop patronizing me and get it over with what ever you are.”

When suddenly some lights flash from the hole he climbed down. Damien and his team where stalking him because he knew some codes for ancient work they acquired.

All you hear is a loud roar and Damien’s friend holding the rope up top was gone, although he kept trying to communicate with him there was no answer. The man with the knowledge was named zero, with all things coming to an end he figured to surrender himself for evil lurks in the darkness.  Once Damien caught up to zero his men beat him for a split second before they realized that they actually heard a roar seconds ago before their team member disappeared. These guys were really big men that would resemble a woodchuck. Spooked for their survival they all asked question. Zero knew nothing but they were going to die one by one. Zero revealed the story of what he saw before the men came down from the hole. They began to tremble in fear because it was something supernatural they have crossed.

JC: “our doom is yet to come I say, I warned you Carlos he was dead with out us having to kill him,” Jc said.

Then they all remember a possessed cave that they were once read by some mysterious lady who would disappear instantly once they lost focus.

DAMIEN:  “ I’m starting to think it would be a good idea to team up with the crazy kid Zero, he might know of something to do”

SILVERIO: “we definitely can’t turn back now, the rope was cut.”

Every one stood silent for a sad though that lurked in everybody’s mind about their friend who disappeared after a loud roar sounded off. Then Roder has to say it because they might not make it out alive, so now everybody is conscious of what the next few hours will bring.


RODER: “after Patrick was mysteriously missing, coincidence after a loud roar.”


Damien shouts out to Zero.


DAMIEN: Yo Zero! Wait up, lets drop the beaf and talk man.”

ZERO: “how can I trust you when your trying to kill me?”

DAMIEN: “ we are stuck down here, im tripping the heck out, and you know how to get us out!”

JC: “What are we going to freaking do guys?!”

SILVERIO: “Jc is right guy, we can’t just stay here in one place.”

ZERO: “I Guess your right, but to be honest I only hear story about this cave, so I made a choice of not returning.”

DAMIEN: “You mean you planned on dying down here man?”

ZERO: “ yes, that’s correct, there nothing left for me up there I pretty much did everything I possible wanted to do.”

SILVERIO: “What ever man, we want to live so get us out, quite the bull shit.”

ZERO: “ I see if I remember something I seen in some hieroglyphs when I explored some tomb last summer”

The four of them started walking blind to the dark, lucky most men came prepared and had lights and night vision goggles. Now comfort came to their hopeless lives and their fear grew for they are sinners who’s temptations only get worst.  That moment on they started to accept the lord as their savior, but god was not listening. They have done some crazy things in life that would have to deserve death sentence. These men were well guarded, although bullets would only make their survival worst. Below the earth it dense and any source of loud combustions will tremble the land down under.

ZERO: “ Damien make sure you don’t shoot your guns because the ground will fall on us.”

DAMIEN: “then how are we going to protect ourselves?”

ZERO: “use your hands and knifes, that’s our only defense down here.”

The men quickly scattered and seen doors that looked like there doors from home. Silverio started to panic, so he opens the door and temptation drove him in. What Silverio thinks he see’s to be his mother, is actually an illusion of the lady Zero seen in the beginning. And everyone was in shock to see of what appears to be their fantasy girl naked pointing at them. Talking in a sweet seductive voice to the men, trying to lure them in.

MYSTERIOUSLYLADY: “Your next to come inside, and taste heaven for the first time.”

The door violently shuts close, all you see is a door with a window and white curtains. Behind the curtains you can see the shadow of the Mysterious Lady and Silverio with their hand touching everything in their bodys. One second to soon, and all you hear are roars a demon talking to Silverio. Then silverio snapped out of it and seen the most horrifying posseded girl trying to have sex with him. Silverio pushed her off and ran to the door, which was locked.

SILVERIO: “Guys the door is locked get me out of here!!”

ALLMEN: “we cant break the door down its solid shut!”

SILVERIO: “ Just know I hid 3 billion dollars over by the-…..”

Silverio stopped talking because the lady came from behind and penetrated his back sticking her sharp nails and arm up this body. Blood starts gushing out of his mouth as she pulls his spine out of his body. Laughter is being herd from the other side of the door with bloodstains on the window. The men bolted the different direction to a dark hole that seemed to lead to a different path.


RODER: “ you think we lost her?”

DAMIEN: “I don’t hear anything we are safe for now”

RODER: “ hey you good man? Yo Zero I’m talking to you, are you ok.”

ZERO: “Death, death is what is coming for us, if we don’t repent for our sins and find the the gate out of hell.”

DAMIEN: “ Well most the places we have entered we though of it before going in, then the demond presents its self.”

ZERO: “so that means we just have to act on instinct, no more hiding.”


The men had no strategy now; all that was left was just their will to survive. As they approach a tomb full of candles they hear some strange creepy singing and shadows crowing as they were coming to life. Zero ended up taking command and leading the men through the noise without any hesitation. The pace they set themselves was quick for they not know of what comes ahead. Drums sound off getting louder and louder as the men approach. Only a thin ray of light makes their path visible. You hear the orchestra playing to some demonic melodies, and a group around a squared table. They see their friends who have died, and Patrick was lying down. A hooded person in black was over his body with a dagger aimed for his chest. Silverio was in line waiting for his turn to be next. Soon after the disguised person drives the dagger down his chest, then opens it. You can see his intestines still working, and his heart is still pounding. The hooded person reaches for his heart and removes it raising it up speaking in Latin, then removes the hood and devours the bloody heart. The person was the mysterious lady they have once encountered many times ago.




As Zero yelled run, there was no though about it. They bolt down the cave only going deeper into darkness. They start to hear water drops from the floor up making puddles they cant see. Roder starts touching the ceiling and its wet; there is something strange happening.


RODER: “hey guys there’s water over us, I think its some kind of trick.”

Damien: “there must be a water stream up top right?”

ZERO: “ since this is a cave there is a water stream, but where?”

Damien: “ maybe if we keep on going we can try to jump and see where that takes us.”


The men kept on going further and further. The farther they went the more water formed above them. Soon before you they know it, the water starts to shake as if something was up there. They ignore the movement, for it just might be another mind trick. Roder was falling behind because he was second guessing himself, whether he should keep on going or not. Hands start to come out of the ground and pull the men in. one hand got Roder, ripping his flesh from his calf, pulling on the muscle forcing him from going on further. He yells for help and no one would turn back for him. The only person who heard him has the demonic lady. She starts approaching doing a catwalk looking sexy to caress his mind. Roder falls under her illusion and gives in, leading him to his death. Before he was killed he was tortured, by getting his years ripped off one by one. Then blood pours down his earlobes; the mysterious lady licks the blood and enjoys it. She bites his nose off, and Roder is defenseless for he is incapable to more for he is under shock. He cries out for the lord, but the lord turned his back for he sinned one too many times. Roder was alone to die with his regrets. The lady licks his face covered in blood as if it was a chocolate fountain. She had a very long tongue resembling the tongue of a snake.


MYSTERIOUS LADY: “ no how shall you die earthling? Ahahahahaha.”


MYSTERIOUS LADY: “ I think ill start by eating your intestines, then your tongue so I wont hear your voice!”



Those were Roders last words before his tongue was ripped out of his mouth. He was sobbing now, and the lady kept on delivering pain to his body. He felt weak now because he lost too much blood and slowly he was dying. Before he die the lady decapitated his head then pulled his heart out and watched her eat it. The last thing Roder saw was his heart being eaten by a demonic woman.

The men were out of sight, soon enough their head were covered in water. So they start to crawl to have more space in between the water and themselves.


ZERO: “hey Damien, are you a good swimmer?”

DAMIEN: “not a great swimmer but good enough to survive this hell.”

ZERO: “ we are going to have to swim so hold your breath.”

DAMIEN: “ Lets do this!”


There was less ground and more water, so the two men decide to stand up and swim upwards. Not knowing what will come next they swam harder and harder. They didn’t look down only up to find themselves seeing light from what appeared to be a cave. As they swam up, behind them was a gigantic mouth open with razor sharp teeth planning to kill them before reaching the surface. The didn’t know what was happening when suddenly they hear a mad loud roar and look down to see the mysterious lady angry because there was a barrier she could not pass. The two men knew they made it out, but not yet of course. They were at least safe from that thing trying to kill them. Damien was so overfilled with joy and excitement that he flipped off the lady. Zero was laughing inside and shook his head left and right because he though less of Damien for doing that. That only made the think explode with anger cursing in Latin trying to put spells upon them.  Once they reached the top, zero was the first to get out and see what was up there. The two men where up on a rocky surface, and seen riches, a lot of treasure, they though they were dreaming, but no. They felt so happy and relieved that they wanted to crab everything but they didn’t. The treasure was the last thing on their mind, getting out and finding help was their priority.


DAMIEN: “ I see all this gold and I don’t want it, dreaming of one day being rich and I just care to live.”

ZERO: “ I know, I just care to find a way out of this cave.”

DAMIEN: “let’s make a pact to never speak of this place to no soul or what happened to us down there.”

ZERO: “ we have a deal, but first we need to take some gold to have enough money to ceil off the cave we jumped down, so no one would ever go through what we when through.”

DAMIEN: “hey I see light and hear people!”

ZERO: “ ahaha Lets Go Bro!”


Soon before you know it, the last men two men made it out alive. With their strength they were able to go through hell and back by never giving up and looking of better ways to survive.

10 years have passed since they have encounter this evil down under, and every now and then when they needed money they had their place to get it. They learned many things that day, and helping people is one of them. Greed was out of their souls, and they built a church to give thank to the lord who provided their strength even though they could not see him, hear him, but they could feel him within. Zero ended up marring Damien sister Maria, which brought them two even closer. Damien became a Priest spreading his fortune with his people and cleaning up his city. No one ever knew what happened to the millions of dollars Silverio hid away. Zero and Damien both ceiled the gates of hell until one day a mad person who was a tour guide reopened the cave.


EVIL TOUR GUIDE: “ at last I found `the dark one’s gate!”

TRAVELERS: “ what’s taking so long”

EVIL TOUR GUIDE: “ Right This Way.”






Before i started writing i saw potential, so i tried to keep the story line mysterious and creepy or how the title it falls under is spooky. Anyways this type of characters came from watching movies similar to its nature. I give thanks to professor Dan because he would give us 3 letters or  a phrase and we would feed off that and write. I had my topic after realizing what type of twist my story was going to have in the end. After the first line, i was fueled by creativity and kept on write non-stop to avoid confusion and get stuck. the steps of composing the piece are actually inspirations because my phrase was already spooky and it was halloween at the time so i decided to go a little bloody.The first thing i did was free write, imagine the first line and think how i would react in that situation. I did get stuck at one point in this whole processes of creating this story. It always starts when i stop the work for getting tired of looking at the monitor and few days pass, then you have a hard time to think of what to write where you left off. This writing does not have any emotion attached on my behalf, with that being said this writing is not meaningful to me. My writing actually does a patter of my thinking of the topic, for example each person died for giving up mentaly and feeling less and less sure about themselves. I do feel that my grammer and spelling is clear enough for the readers to understand my meaning to this story. The reason to this bold talk is I feel i have corrected any grammer or spelling erros and typos. My though on what would happen if i continued to work on this piece are of more though. What i mean by that is, i would add more creative and better details of description of the gore going on.

Two Peas In A Pod


Learn 81

Milton Ramirez



I’m here and you are there.

Your there and I’m here.

For you to disappear.

Is my greatest fear.

Time passed me by.

All I do is cry.


Why did you have to go.

Now I feel sick inside.

I blame my selfish ways.

Thinking I could run a show.

A part of had just died.

People wonder why I stay high.


I am sorry for things to end.

Should have never been with that friend.

My problem is that I don’t know.

How to keep a relationship going.

Sometimes I wish I die.

Too blind to see the truth inside.

We didn’t last very long.

Now I’m home stuck writing this song.


Our memories’ will last forever.

You’re free to call whenever.

This love was not and illusion.

For I am the one who is losing.

Love is everything



Milton Ramirez



Love is something that will get the best of you or get the worst of you. Love can come in many shapes and sizes. Love is something that drives you further, something that you do out of your way to please that person place or thing. Love is everywhere, from the plants, to the animals, back to the humans. Love can also be misleading and misunderstood with kindness, chivalry, and generosity. What I see is love from two partners that just got married. People get married because they want to spend the rest of their days with their loved one or soul mate some say. Until death does them apart they will still love, love is so strong and many people take it for granted. That day when you are really nervous, filled with joy but having second though, it’s the day your getting married or having a child. I can only imagine what it would feel like to get married to someone who is right for me. To love is to change; to change is to love for you don’t want to disappoint, only to fill them with joy. With out love there is hate, a world with hate is nuts.


Milton Ramirez




The obstacles are in front of me.

It’s not them who are stopping me

It’s my own self who is stopping me

The success I crave, the success I wish for

Things will come together,


As of the sun dies,

The moon shines the night away,

As of the moon sleeps, the sun rises, emerges to light, a light so bright it illuminates the clear blue skies.


I am that sun I am that moon, they both are the similar thing but different.

I awaken each day, I got to sleep each night fighting myself, who is bringing my dream to not fight myself because I truly don’t understand myself.

Myself is embodied

Myself wants to break free.

Myself wants to over come myself.

Myself is stopping my self to reach my success story.

One day, one night, I will move forward, one day, one night, I will wakeup

One day, one night I will sleep knowing in the end I made it.

Quick to Judge

Quick to Judge


Milton Ramirez



As I sit down next to some one who think is less than them

I wonder why people are quick to judge.

They might look like bums, but that’s just the cover of the book.

These people are broken. These people need help.

These people need a sovereign hand to pick them up.

These people need direction, although these people are quick to judge.

Tell me who are you to look the other way and ignore a person in need?

I’m sitting in front of this person watching people in disgust,

One by one people move seats, the smell, the appearance, the though of they are greater.

It angers me how people cant be any less selfish.

With all the money in the world it still wont be enough to help people in need.

With all the money in the world, I still wont be satisfied.

They don’t need money, clothes, food, shelter; all they need is to be understood,

But people are quick to judge.


Well this morning I though I was going to be late for school. I woke up at 8 then went back to sleep to nap an hour longer, one hour turn to be two hours. So I rush, I eat and get ready for school, and next thing you know I’m waiting for the bus, a few minutes pass and I get in the bus. What I usually do it sit all the way in the back. I sit down and there was this black lady was dressed like she lived in the streets, I still sat there even though she was talking to herself and smelled a little. I did not mind one minute at all as I sat next to her. One thing that got me mad was that one by one as people saw here they looked the other way or changed their mind about sitting around her and sat some where else. The funny thing about that bus ride was, this guy was sort of laughing at her, and I just gave him an evil stare and that face was gone. From that moment on he was not smirking once or looking towards our direction. Before exiting the bus I had 2 dollars to spare from 7 I had, and I only need 5 for when I get hungry later in the afternoon. So what I do was something that made me feel good, and that was give the lady 2 dollar, I end up telling her “ excuse me miss, miss? This is not much but here you go.” The whole bus ride there she had her eyes close, something about she had them close for she was a tired worker, well she was rambling off other thing for any one who cared to listen. And since she had her eyes closed she looked up to me and opened here eyes, then I got off the bus. That bus ride I wrote one of my writing called “ Quick to Judge” most of my writing have a lot of meaning to my pass present and future, also things that get to me, or things I get bothers by. My writing have value to me, because I know if they are never publish some one might pick up where I left off, and that the worth waiting for.


Journal #1

Well today I started with a bad start already. The thing that happened was, I just got off work and got dropped off. I took a while to get ready for school today…. all day. So yes I’m late to class today, although the bad start begins when I sat down on my chair. I open the files on the computer and see nothing related to my name or work. So my conclusion is that some one deleted my work, or the company mac does not like me. Even though I’m not as mad as I should be I’ll be fine, all I really did was pout. I do blame myself for not getting a flash drive like professor Wheeler instructed the class to. Also whenever I buy flash drive I have to buy more than one, the reason is that I lose everything. Well there you have it, know you know to buy yourself a flash drive so you wont be a victim of deleted and or lost files.