The Struggle

Where should I start to begin on explaining?



Plenty things come to mind as I look upon this picture with a military man and a worried loved one. One thing that comes to mind is this man is a military dog; meaning he has no choice but to fight, kill or be killed, live to fight another day. The loved one could be anyone, but in this picture it seems to be a spouse, could be a house wife that worries whether he will come back, or a unfaithful lover who is worried about what to say when he comes back alive. Now I think it’s a little screwed up when they are not faithful because that how it is for the majority or the war hero’s. As for the military man he has only one objective to worry about, and that to stay alive. No money will be enough to pay for the dead. That’s the worst case scenario if he were to die in combat. Pulling a trigger is easy, some people are trigger happy.
The consequences on having to deal with are all internal, you will have to always have flashbacks on the people you killed and it will haunt you for the rest of your life, their death is part of you know. I’m not a military man myself, but I do possess what I like think of me having is a military mind. I could only imagine myself as a military dog, but I don’t think I would live up to that life style, at least not in this life. As much as I like to think it would be great to be a military dog, it’s not so great; most people do it for the great financial benefits. But I would do it for my country if we have an actual country that worried about their country people. But that just a fantasy I live in, my real world it blinding to the eyes of the blind. The truth is one scary thing for only one individual. ‘I’m getting a little off topic here. So back to the picture, it just see a struggle from both side of the battle field, one back home and one in the foreign lands.

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