Ant’s Mysterious ways

  Have you ever stop and notice an ant? Although they are extremely small they can pick up 10x their weight, that’s remarkable. Even in the face of death, they still sting or bite on. A cool fact I learned about them is native tribes, ants are resourceful by letting the ant bite the wound then decapitate their head so it would close the wounds instead of stitching up a cut. Another interesting thing I learned this morning is, they have wars and invaded other colonies of ants. Some ants help another out by doing whatever they can to help them. Other ants kill ants to harvest their young to come, and once that is done they are used for free labor. They tend to be slaves for the rest of their lives, but some fight off and overtake their personal in charge. In this picture it’s hard to determine whether Ant 1 is helping the fallen ant, or killing him off, or even taking his young to come away from Ant 2. Well the good news is Ant 1 is the underdog, and Ant 2 should have been nicer to Ant 1, because by the looks of it you’re on the ground dyeing. Ants are weird mysterious creatures.

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