Children Story: Adventures of Arthur

  Once time when there existed dragons their lives young king by the name of Arthur. “I’m Arthur the great, loyal to my people and I rain wrath upon foes” he would say. Now Arthur was a great king, although lacked the traits of sharing his glory along with his fortunes amongst his loyal friends “I preferred to stay glorious and keep my fortunes to myself for I am Greed”. They live in this really big castle that had big walls to protect themselves from any intruders that try to do harm to their loved ones “No one shall penetrate these walls of greatness”. They have great defense and a mote with crocodiles surrounded all around the big castle those who cross over without consulting me are no more”.

Arthur has five good loyal friends. Luis was an angry fella, Ana was always happy, Able was reliable, Flake …well he was delinquent , and there was Charity the most beautiful down to earth, genuine girl Arthur had ever laid eyes upon. Arthur likes Charity, but she did not like that he was greedy “Please Arthur share your knowledge on making your great steak” she once told him. Startled Arthur replied “No! It’s a family recipe, and that’s that!” one stormy night a dragon had attacked their castle. “Protect King Arthur! All men get to your defense positions!”  Shouted commands by Luis. “King are you ok?” Able asked. “No lives were lost but the dragon made a mess of things” Arthur replied. “Stop being foolish you are wounded” suggested Anna with great concern. “They’re just flesh wounds, I’ll live, attend the badly injured at once Able”, “yes your majesty”. “All that was required now was days of manual labor, to repair the castle” commented Flake. “Yeah and I’m sure you’ll be the worker in the domain” chuckled Charity with a sincere smile. “I am too!” shouted Flake “enough blabbering guys, get to work” demanded Arthur.

Despite their different traits, amongst the five friends they would be sharing. Charity loved making her best tasteful peach pie in the region “every bite is a bite of love and compassion”. Luis loved making some little rice cakes that taste really good with a well brewed coffee Able is destined to make. Arthur makes the best steaks in the entire kingdom, “No one shall know my ingredients”.

Afternooons   with the golden windy skies seem to attract the six friends and they talk amongst their selves, giving each other feedback. Everyone was thinking about it to tell Arthur that sharing is not bad, in fact makes you courteous: but no one brought it up that time.

The next day the golden bells where ringing because it was study hall time. “All personals make your way down the hall!” shouted Luis. In study hall knights would train, or wizards would work their magic, or rouges would practice their stealth, even hunters would practice their archery.

A variety of different people go to train and study. “Train hard my fellow people, for it will give to greater chances to your survival” yelled Arthur as he made his way down the hall battling knights with his mighty sword. “Self-studying is good thing to do so you can be good at a certain profession you want to succeed in” continued Arthur. Most of the time in study hall the hunters would share their knowledge with the rogues to blend into their surroundings much better, that made the hunters feel good about their selves. Even though Luis is always angry he would be happy when he is courteous by sharing his rice cakes because that brought joy to everyone around him that ate his food. Also in the study hall it’s diverse in activities and everyone who goes, shares food or drinks, some even share swords to spar but not Arthur.

Arthur doesn’t really like going to study hall because people ask to borrow one of many swords he has stored, he sits alone feeling depressed because his friends like him less each day. One thing he knows is he is in fact greedy: another way of being greedy is being selfish when you just worry about yourself and not others. Arthur thought flake didn’t like spending time with him because he sometimes would not keep him company during study hall. But flake is a person who you can’t count on. Arthur felt sick one day after another dragon attack. He might have eaten something or felt stressed out for he was up and down shouting commands to scare off the dragon. That same day Anna was by his side, “oh what’s wrong my beloved king?” and she kept him warm and jolly. “I’m getting too old for this” Arthur replied. “But your only 23 years old my king”.

  That night he was having nightmares, that all his friends abandoned him because he kept feeling bad for not even once sharing his famous and best steak in the kingdom “No! No! Don’t leave me, you guys are all I have” sobbing as he was still sleeping. Charity awoke and ran down the hall to Arthur’s bedroom and hugged him saying “everything is going to be alright”, she also told him “don’t worry about changing right away, its better taking things one step at a time”, Arthur replies “thank you, your always there for me even though I am selfish, and I’m sorry” as he was half awake. The next morning it was a strange day; Arthur was very active doing favors for everyone, helping out his kingdom, sharing his wisdom. His entire friends were shocked, surprised, and also glad. Arthur finally found a solution to keep the dragons away: by spraying water through a pump from the ground that had an underwater stream a hunter found him. Also everyone was worried for Arthur himself rung the golden bells and opened the doors of his castle for everyone to enjoy his famous steak in his kingdom. This changed a lot of things from his usual day, which was Arthurs Best Day Ever. He also confessed to charity that he really liked her more than a friend and she felt the same way. They rode off in his white stallion he uses for battle, while friends, family and the noble people enjoyed their feast offered by their Loved King. Arthur finally understood meaning of sharing and the emotions he feels when everyone experiences the same feelings. Arthur became the king he was destined to be. Arthur left a message by saying “when you don’t share there are consequences, you lose friends, despised by others, and it makes you look like a bad person, so share whatever you have to offer, someday you will be offered something in return”. The End





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