Milton’s Autobiography


My Name is Milton; I’m 18 years old for southern California. When I attended high school my creativity followed. I was also involved in sports, like football, wrestling, baseball and track and field. I Love riding long boards or cruise around the city in which ever transportation that is available. I was influence by the mystical root know as Marijuana, I was introduced to this plant when I was in the 4th grade. I was a bad kid, but I grew older and older I knew things where changing I was becoming a different person, I grew calmer and calmer, wiser and wiser. I was only 8 but my mind felt old.

  The weed followed 2 years after that first joint toke. Was I wrong to smoke as a kid? Yes, but it’s my experiences that brought me to this day. I’m very optimistic when it comes to things happening for a reason. One thing I fear in life is a waste of talent, someone looking the other way because of something I could of, should have, and would have done. Forever I would sit in regret as I do now, for I would be a greater person if certain events didn’t happen until I actually knew what I was doing, or being the right age. the first writing I think I ever did was in the 5th or 6th grade, the vague memory as flashback that are unclear when I attended a continuation school for middle school kids. I forgot how the story goes or what is was about, all I know it was time I invested into that piece that made the effort worth it. Since then, the way I look at myself as a writer is better than times in the past. I would always write, and have the randomness ideas.

When I would write I would get lost in my own words and for a short second I would day dream and see my story coming to actual visible life. At first, I wasn’t the best writer I see myself today. I still remember times when I would write and my writing would be sloppy and have run on sentences, I would even forget what I would write for some sluggish words. I haven’t had any problems trying to fix run on sentences because I now know how to set sentences up with words that are considered sentence starters.

My progress in this class is great because I got a chance to spread creativity as I type or think. My teach in high school once told me I have deep meaning when I would talk or give my feedback on the books we read, “Catcher in the Rye” and “of mice and men”, these stories I enjoy to have read. Once my teacher told me that, I felt delighted and rewarded by her words. When I write I would also use my life, or certain event I had or wish I had and add that to my work. I also use what I consider to be part of my dark side the way I say certain things. My feelings are like the colors of a chameleon, they change ever so. My writing skills have been sharpened and I can see myself creating something wonderful with my artistic values that I will put to the test.

LEARN81 has helped me become a more confident and call myself a writer. I want to mention my older brother Giovanni, he’s been my role model growing up, because he would always lecture me, and say don’t be a fuck up. My brother motivated me throughout my schooling years. His ambition and what he aspired to do to make money like selling chocolates from door to door, or cutting hair. No matter if we didn’t have much valuables he would always be very humble and was respected by many and hated by few.  Without my brother looking after his littlest brother I would still be my old self. I can say tough love made me tougher and richer person in characteristic values. Thank you Professor Dan, for making this class fun and very educational.


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