I’m not as religious as I should be, although i was born into a religion. my mother is catholic, so is my ghost of a father. my dad is not dead, just his presence for memories of him are vague. The most time i spent with him was less than a year altogether. I consider my self    a hypocrite, as bad as it sounds its truth that can’t be denied. I reject hopes of false prophets that i chose to believe false. religion is a big part of everyone’s world. I don’t Mean to offend anyone when i say religion is a type of tool use for the government to keep the people manipulated under their control. This seems harsh at first, but the hope of faith you believe in. I do believe there is a creator of all, but i will not believe other based on religion, This picture resembles religion is dead; the gold color of the neck, hair and skull simplifies the greater standing they are in. Gold is the gods royal color. I have not read the bible; i’m a sinner, a lost soul searching his god withing himself.

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