Take a Break


  Sometimes the world is too much; you need to take a break from reality. From surroundings that pollute your restless mind that devours every part of your mind, body, and soul. To working like a dog with no bark and no treat, you are told what to do, when to do it hot to do it and why. The world is too much when it has leverage against you will to survive in this land. The city impacted of zombies that rush                                                                      to their 2 o’clock, late night shifts working graveyard shifts   can get a man tired. Even if you’re a powerful man of misfortune with no happiness it can get tiring as well. People are too focused on luxury and fancy things society spits to their ears. Jaws cracked open on new trends. The city eating away the dreamers running freely with high hopes of prevailing, this is where it will make you or brakes you. Just as you think you’re on top, you’re lower than before, it’s a maze. We are the rats in the maze working for richer cheese, toppling people with no regards to stopping. Things like this happen day to day from blue color to white color jobs; they are all crabs in the barrel pulling you down so you will finish last. It’s a contagious disease that everyone is born with, greed. Take a break from all this, go to the countryside. Isolate yourself with not though of looking back, that’s tomorrow’s problem just sit there breathing in what the trees breath out, let it cleanse your body with fresh organic air for your lungs. With that being said at the end of the day , find your peaceful place that takes you away for a little while. Sometimes you need to have some type of rest, enjoy it. Take a Break.

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