The Edge


  The thought of nothing left to get out of the world, the thought of giving up, the thought of failure, the thought of confusion, the thought of being neglected, This strikes the mind of these two people standing on the edge with no sign of direction. I could only imagine what the lady is saying, “what are we going to do? What is our move? What is going to happen from this day forward?”, “I’m thinking, don’t pressure me… I’ll get us out of this mess” with no clue on what to do next but just stand there fiercely close to the edge like a suicidal man or woman whatever the case may be. Standing there is really starting to look friendly in their eyes of false truth. For they have no guide to help to maybe turning something bad into something great, but there is no one with optimism in range. So they are stuck with misery, thinking to jump and fly away to be set free. Also it has no relation of what I just spoke about but, the character in the picture resembles Professor Dan. 

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