There is no such thing as “Writers Block”



  Once upon a time, long ago lived this unfortunate banker, who pondered when his time will come. He would struggle to get his work done both in the office and in school. He only had a certain amount of time he would find himself at peace. But he could not enjoy it, for it will soon be over. This banker, his name is Logan from 420 stony avenue. A former man who wanted to become a billionaire so that life could be easier. Since working at the office and money was hard to get especially since he was paying for himself to go to school. He was trying to think of some way he could make extra cash on the side. So he had a friend who had connection on the side. And he asked him for help and the friend’s job was to deliver and transport liquor to different places. And they made big bucks; about 1 million and he thought about it for a while and he really needed money badly so he decides to get in the deal with his friend. The next day his friend and he delivered their first cargo to New York City. They hoped everything goes well in their business trip so that way they can make the money that Logan wants to make, at the end of the day it was successful. They sold more than they think they will. Logan became inspired with more ideas to sell the friends liquor, and that way both can become more than millionaires, they wanted to become multimillionaires. Logan asks his friend “what if we make our own company and go place to place around the world.” All of a sudden a flock of sheep come running out of nowhere in the little hick town where this so called banker lived that want to be rich! So Logan was thinking and said: I have an Idea!! I’m going to catch all these sheep and sell their wool for more money; I will sure become a millionaire then! I will even sell the lambs as pets for younger kids to play with and even make jackets, pants, and other clothes that can be sold so that I would be a millionaire. I need to have all kinds of ideas so I will always make money and never be broke. So he did and made some money but he could not think of any new ideas so he walked around looking for new ones. Happy with all the money his ambitious goal got him in life will continues as he goes on a quest for adventurous events to find new ideas and lived happily ever after…then a monkey with a hand banana killed him. The monkey lived happily ever after, after sealing the banana from dead Logan’s kitchen. THE END

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