I’m not as mad as i should be.

Well today I started with a bad start already. The thing that happened was, I just got off work and got dropped off. I took a while to get ready for school today…. all day. So yes I’m late to class today, although the bad start begins when I sat down on my chair. I open the files on the computer and see nothing related to my name or work. So my conclusion is that some one deleted my work, or the company mac does not like me. Even though I’m not as mad as I should be I’ll be fine, all I really did was pout. I do blame myself for not getting a flash drive like professor Wheeler instructed the class to. Also whenever I buy flash drive I have to buy more than one, the reason is that I lose everything. Well there you have it, now you know to buy yourself a flash drive so you wont be a victim of deleted and or lost files.

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