My Sole Purpose

My sole purpose to writing is something that comes from the inside of my mind, body, and soul. Each letter adding up to a word is a symphony to my ear. So effortlessly trying to make your day with a “hello how was your day,” to “how did life go today.” Words heal the wounded that self-destruct physically, although the body is down their minds don’t give up. With a few words of encouragement day by day they will be back on their feet. In music the melody sweeps you away, paying no attention what so ever on the words it says. Some words may relate to you, some words you want to be a part of. Words bring life to music, without it, it will just be noise. For me writing takes me away, tapping into my self-conscience where I am liberated. The less they share to show the more they bare to hold back. Words are powerful, with out them we would be talking gibberish.


what i saw in my mind before i started writing was not an image. I acted on instinct and my fingers where the words and the keyboard was the paper, i was just the passenger not relying on the course of flow this piece was headed.  The first thing i did was free write, i dont really know what im going to write about after typeing a paragraph then i get and idea and keep that idea going untill i finish my piece. Before and after my first line, my passionate side of writing too action, and i just went with the flow. Although i was writing quickly, i still managed my point across about writing and the words what they can do. All i can say about the steps of composing the whole thing was adding diffrent topics that relate to each other through letters and sound. I did not revise as i kept on writing, there was no reason to change this piece because i ended up likeing it alot. I wrote this piece withough any drafts, like most of my other writings. This writing is meaningful to me because its something that came from deep passion i had for this writing of mine. I think that the writing does not show  my thinking on the topic beacue my ideas change to relate with diffrent materials i added. I believe that i was able to develope and explain my ideas, for i shared my only purpose to writing. Most of my ideas, like i said before, they all relate to each other. The thing i do like about this writing is how its all forms to a clear conclusion how words affect the way we communicate, speak, write, and why i like to write. Who knows what would happen if i continue to work on this piece, I would propably make it longer y adding more supportive details.

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