Alone I Stand

Each day as I sit back and pay attention to the world revolving around us, I see old generation, our generation, and new generation dumbing down. Blind to society retracing our steps, running in circles that seem to be no end. I blame the people that feed into what appears to be trending, of what seems to be normal, what is said to be right. I’m here and I stand-alone in this world of confusion rotting away innocent souls to the core. I stand-alone for I think too much that I feed into these lie that are making us be not be our true self. Disappointment comes in every bottle, man created junk, sip after sip drag after drag to forget what you really are. I rather live in famine than live the illusion of being rich. Mind tricks, what is going on deprived from our full potential to populate and what is known to be an immortal being. Nothing of what I say, think, or feel is said for have divine powers that are restricted. Fear is something that is created at birth so you wont bite the hand that feeds you. How can you understand what I am saying to you, words are created, words are erased, body’s are killed minds are corrupted, souls are eternal.

15 minutes of writing

my title is fifteen minutes, for i am attempting to write about something for fifteen minutes. Creativity flows from the back of my mind, and travels to my motor functions that write, type, draw, or think which creates art. Art can be many things so i wont talk about that. Writing can be many things as-well.  have i mention there is ten minutes left? Although i haven’t talked about much for some apparent reason i will think of something. What are your political view of war? To be honest i think war is never going to stop, and will the violence and death of war keep repeating itself and will all the children down grade in class each year they are infested with the medias brain washed by scum. have you hear about freedom, because i sure heard of it, never really felt it for the world is against critical thinkers. there’s a bone to chew on, or to ponder about. how well do you know your self to know your surroundings are changing drastically that you have no clue. Open your mind to explore the unthinkable, to second mind yourself, to pass a border determining your life. So when is the last time your going to walk with your eyes closed and see with your ears.