Children’s Book

Milton Ramirez

Learn 81


Gross Gus

Gross Gus was a little boy who loved to pick his nose, now he didn’t get his nickname just because he picked his nose. One day he came from school and too off his shoes and socks.


Gus: “ mommy I’m home, hey mom?”

Gus’s Mother: “sweetie I’m busy I’m almost done with some paper work.”

Gus: “but mom I’m hungry.”

Gus’s Mother: “ I made you pb&j sandwiches cut in little squares just how you like, with soy milk.”


Peanut butter and jell sandwiches’ was Gus favorite snack, along with soymilk. So Gus runs off to the kitchen to eat his favorite snack.


Gus: “hmmmm, I wonder if I pick my nose and add it to my sandwich it will give it more flavor. After all it goes good with lemonade.”


Gus picks his nose and pulls out a huge snot rocket, and adds it to his sandwich. Many kids did not know about eating buggers, because they though it was gross. Once Gus finished his snack, he undresses and takes off his shoes and socks. The thing he always would do is picking at his feet and then smells his finger.


Gus: “I don’t know why but I like the smell.”


The kids from the neighborhood are nosy little brats, so they had a habit of looking through people’s windows. As Gus was picking at his feet and smelling his finger three little kid seen him and they said.


Nosy Kids: “ ewww look at Gus, he is gross!”


Gus had no idea that the nosy neighbors were watching, and worst of all he was in his under wear with what looked like chocolate stains, but they were not chocolate stains.

Another gross thing Gus would not do was shower. After 4 days he would shower, but with no soap. His mom never really paid any attention to him because she was always busy with work, so he would do as he pleased.


Gus: “ I think I’m going to the back yard and see how my worms are doing.”


Gus had a collection of worms in a glass container so he can see them move around. The sun was going down, and he knew it was time to go inside.


Gus’s mother did not understand poor little Gus he was always misunderstood.

The next morning at school, boy was it hard for Gus during recess. All his friends made fun of him calling him gross Gus. He was very sad because of the fact that they all turned on him and no one wanted to be next to him. So he turns to his teacher wanting to go home.


Gus: “ Mrs. Applebee I want to go home, I don’t feel happy.”

Mrs. Applebee: “what wrong sweetie, are the other kids being mean to you.”


When Gus gives in and tells her yes she feels his pain and reaches over to him and gives him a big warm hug. Then he soon forgot he was a school, thinking it was his mom’s hugs, but she doesn’t do that anymore. Mrs. Applebee noticed that Gus was tearing and hugging tightly. That point on she knew he was being neglected by with mother because she hardly has anytime to nurture her little boy. Gus started to become attached to his third grade teacher. He learned to ignore the name-callings because they were hurtful but true and he accepts the truth. Mrs. Applebee found out why the kids would call him names, and she figured out many solutions to fix the bad habits.

Mrs. Applebee: “ hey Gus why do you pick at your nose so much?”

Gus: “I like to eat my boogers they taste salty.”

Mrs. Applebee: “ you need to stop doing that you can cut your nose and bleed, its scary and gross.”

Gus: “I don’t want to bleed mom.”


Mrs. Applebee kept on asking him question after question to see why he does the gross things he does. She felt different after Gus called her mom because that word slipped from his mouth. She likes Gus a lot because he was different than the other kids. So Mrs. Applebee kept on asking questions and discovered something shocking.


Mrs. Applebee: “hey Gus does your mom ever spend time with you?”


Gus stood quiet for a short moment, tearing from his eyes he answered back.


Gus: “ no my mommy doesn’t like me, she always is busy with work.”

Mrs. Applebee: “well don’t be upset she is doing it for you.”

Gus: “so my mom does care for me?”

Mrs. Applebee: “every mother will always love their child”


Each day Mrs. Applebee would ask him more questions to he how his progress at home and personal issues are going.


Mrs. Applebee: “hey Gus did you stop picking at your feet and smelling your hand after?”

Gus: “no it feels good and smells strangely good.”

Mrs. Applebee: “eeewww. That’s gross Gus, your nose can fall off for doing that you should be careful.”

Gus: “ I don’t want that to happen because I wont be able to smell anymore.”

Mrs. Applebee chuckled and said, “ Then stop doing that then.” Gus agreed if only she would buy him and herself an ice cream cone every Friday after school, Mrs. Applebee said yes.

Days passed by weeks even and Mrs. Applebee stood looking after Gus. The last question she was waiting to find a way of asking it so Gus wont has to give his whole childhood memories away to be better. The question she had on her mind was about the worms, she never asked him that question because she too was once a kid and only had one mother who would not pay any attention to her.


The last day of school was approaching meanwhile Mrs. Applebee prepared only Gus for middle school because kids are meaner during that age. Class ended and all the kids ran out the door looking forward to their break vacation. Gus was the last to leave and as soon as he was going out the door Mrs. Applebee stopped him.

Mrs. Applebee: “hey have a good long break, Gross Gus.”


They laughed, smiled, and departed.







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