A pig, a cow, a chicken, and a farmer


Many days have passed by and not one day that issue left his mind. Meet farmer Armstrong, now he comes from a family of NASA heroes. Unfortunately he only made it passed the 7th grade. Armstrong was good at surviving on his own, using the natural resources the land had to offer, also was good at manipulating his habitat. Although he was not that smart up in space, he was smart down here in his little farm. Then comes the cow and chicken and later comes the pig. These barn animals are some mutated creatures of some sort because they talk.


Armstrong “I think I remember hearing of a radiation spill over by the lake over there”

He really think there was a radiation spill, there probably was for I also remember something about a radiation spill.


Cow: “I don’t know why but I feel at home as we arrive at this place”

Chicken: “ First of all this is a barn, and there’s nothing good about it. Secondly we are mutated animals, as far as they think they know. Last of all I know animals like us stay caged here.”

Cow: “Don’t beat yourself up rooster”

Chicken: “Maybe your right bull”

Cow: “lets engage a conversation with that human reject. I bet his brain is the size of a T-Rex.”

Chicken: “shut up don’t laugh and follow my lead”

Armstrong: “ oh hey there wanna join the barn?”

Cow: “hey chicken, you think he knows we can talk?”

Chicken: “no you fool, he know animals don’t talk, hold on pshhh try not to laught ahaha”


Chicken: “Farmer I am God”

Armstrong: “God you’re a chicken, well I’ll be darned Hallelujah!!I thought you were jesus the Christ or a holy spirit?”

Chicken: “yes! That is I failed to mention, umm jose , hollymolejah!”

Armstrong: “what did you just say you stupid chicken, because supper time is coming and im hugry. Top of the food chain.”

Chicken: “lets be ration quarter brain”

Cow: “ I will maul you farmer!”

Armstrong: “you are vegetarian, ya dumb cow, did you know you produce milk? Ahahah for some animals that can talk you sure are some stupid barn animals”

Chicken: Get in contact with Pig, and give him our location.”


Armstrong started to plot something; the idea was something devious to do. His plan was to let the barn animals help him prep up his late breakfast and his breakfast is, well I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


Armstrong: “I bet you two can’t help a poor old man cook”

Chicken: “what are you cooking, corn soup? Ahahaha”

Armstrong: “ something like that, more like a soup stew.”

Cow: “well I guess we have some time before you are obliterated.”

Armstrong: “ okay chicken go over by the barn and there’s going to be a screen just look at is for a while, and cow head over by the stables and there’s a machine you get on to make energy.”

Chicken: “yeah sure whatever.”

Cow: “ Okay farmer I’m here, but I’m stuck and can’t move anymore.”

Armstrong: “ you’ll be fine cow, ill go help you in a bit. Ahaha”


The chicken walked into a decapitation room, where he looks up to the screen and a blade comes to chop the neck area so they bleed out and die. That farmer led both of the mutated barn animals into traps where they later died. Now the farmer takes the cow first, then the chicken to the slaughterhouse and cuts them into pieces. Once he finished that he added the final ingredients to his stew.


8:20 am

Once the stew was read to be severed the farmer waited a bit longer to eat. Sure enough the pig arrives, looking big round and plum, at least that how the farmer looked at him. When the farmer looked at the pig you can see bacon and pork chops in his eyes.


Pig: “hog has arrived to your location, bull, rooster, over.”

Pig: “ you guys hear me, over.”

Armstrong: “ well hello clumps of bacon, I mean little pig you are lost right.”

Pig: “ should I speak to this human, or should I not?”

Armstrong: “ I know you can talk, its ok I met your friends they left me a message and told me to show you around the back of the barn.”

Pig: “well what did they say, and where did they go?”

Armstrong: “ they say you will be with them soon, to wait a while longer, and the when to a little trip up north.”

Pig: “ as long as they return, we have unfinished business to talk about.”

The farmer had a very devious grin as he sweet-talked the pig to relax and forget about his friend. He bathed the pig in mud, fed him a variety of scraps of vegetables. Not a moment too soon and the farmer came out with a long barrel 45 revolver pointed to the back of the pigs head.


Armstrong: “ hey pig you like lullaby’s?”

Pig: “ well I can’t say I don’t.”

Armstrong: “then go to sleep my little dinner.”

Bang! The farmer shoots the pig in the back of his head and carries him to be boiled so he can take the hairs off. The Pig is not cleaned and hairless, now its time to be hung to loose all the blood. The farmer cut the pig as he was suppose to and made some pork chops and bacon and ate his dinner. Armstrong was feeling weird to his stomach, and he felt dizzy. Soon before he knows it he dropped to the floor dead, for he ate the barn animal that had radiation in them.



The first thing i saw in my mind was a pig, a cow, a chicken, and a farmer in a farm. The only realization i had about the topic was the scenery and what goes on in farms when it comes time to eat. I did a little revising for the piece, nothing major just mispelled words and correct punctuations. i wrote the whole draft and did minor editing, i didn’t change more that a sentencce. I did get stuck on where i left on when i stopped this writing. Continuing this writing was a bit of a struggle because i was out of fresh ideas so i needed to innovate need ones, although it took me a while to think of new methods on how this conversation should end. I knew what my writing was ging to be about when i saw the four things i needed to bring to life and write about. The writing is not really meaninful to me, its suppose to be some sort of comedy. My writing builds up to what is going to happen next. i was able to devlope and explain my ideas because in my method is it builds throughout the plot. I realy like how the animals are easily fooled by a man in control or his habitat. The only thing that would end up happening if i were ever to keep on adding more materials to this piece would be sort of a movie or some kind of short film. i would bring it to live in my head and just give the 4 objects imtaking about a skit.






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