Descriptive Paragraph


Shrimp Alfredo

Milton Ramirez



The best Italian dish in the world would have to be shrimp alfredo.

I can see many things just to describe how mouth watering it looks.

Pink shrimp that is well cooked and mixed in a pot with other ingredients. Another thing is the pasta how golden brown it looks. What gives it more flavors is the white sauce that gives it a punch. The last thing I see is the green topping that gives it a freshly made look.

When I taste this food I can taste a variety of flavors. A rich flavor of creamy delight at every bite that is overwhelming. The delicious taste will put to rest your cravings. The milky sauce making each bit to die for is a good feeling. The over all taste in flavor is good.

When it comes to touching this food you can feel different surfaces. The warm sensation you get of the cooked pasta. The thick pasty sauce as your rub your fingers together. The mushy feel of the shrimp and you clench your fingers together. Also you can’t forget how wet the food leaves your hand as you touch it. When you put your ear against this food you can hear plenty things. One this that strikes your ear is the silence that brings calmness. You also hear the squishy maneuvering as you move your folk to serve yourself. One last thing you can hear is the sizzling that is left when this place is served right off the stove. A various amount of smell come to your scent. I can smell a stinky but good smell of all the combinations. Also the as you smell the food its an savory aroma. The last thing you smell is the feet scent that comes from rich Italian cheese.





Before i started writing, in my mind i saw this dish, i ended up getting hungry. When i was thinking about favorite foods it was hard for me to pick a topic because i love all foods, even new foods to try. Then i just decided to go with shrimp alfredo because i like pasta and sea food, also i like italian foods its rich in flavor. The first thing i did was outline and brain storm ideas, and descriptions. everything was done by order i couldn’t free write this time. Out of one idea, came 4 to 5 sentences relating to one thing. To compose a paragraph in my head was easy, yet finding the write words hard. It was easy because i would picture myself looking at this dish and i feel all five of my senses start working. Finding the right word was a bit harder because there was a guideline on what type of words to use. For this piece i only revise and then fixed grammar and punctuations.  I did not change any of my work after revising it, because then it wont be the same as i perceive it to be. This writing is meaningful because i have strong feelings to eating what i crave and satisfying my hunger. My writing shows the reader that has never tried this dish before a hint of how it would smell, taste, feel, hear, and look like. My writing is in order for people to read and understand how clear it is. My ideas are simple yet easy to read and understand what im saying. I did develop my ideas, then explained what i felt about my main idea and later write descriptive detail about them. My thinking was more confused because unfortunately my hands only saw what i needed to write about and i got stuck because its harder to start off nothing and just a memory. So i end up thinking really hard only to find every descriptive idea i personally experienced.

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