Different Leagues


Milton Ramirez

Learn 81





We are in a different league, read my lyrics and you still don’t know what I mean. Buy a dictionary if you don’t already have one, still don’t know what I mean. Puzzle your brain and you might have a clue, to what I think too. Life isn’t so simple, thriving for the top, you already know what I been through. Fewer words describe what I’m into; its fundamental there won’t be any issues. Too much on my mind to think less of the situation. Too much to think of bettering determination. Find yourself, through yourself there will be restoration. Many people speak on what they got, I’m thankful of what I don’t have. Through time I’m getting what’s in the lot, for I dream too big to leave helpless hope to rot. It’s needless to say giving me what the world has to offers. In the end that’s pretty much what we are after.

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