Love is everything



Milton Ramirez



Love is something that will get the best of you or get the worst of you. Love can come in many shapes and sizes. Love is something that drives you further, something that you do out of your way to please that person place or thing. Love is everywhere, from the plants, to the animals, back to the humans. Love can also be misleading and misunderstood with kindness, chivalry, and generosity. What I see is love from two partners that just got married. People get married because they want to spend the rest of their days with their loved one or soul mate some say. Until death does them apart they will still love, love is so strong and many people take it for granted. That day when you are really nervous, filled with joy but having second though, it’s the day your getting married or having a child. I can only imagine what it would feel like to get married to someone who is right for me. To love is to change; to change is to love for you don’t want to disappoint, only to fill them with joy. With out love there is hate, a world with hate is nuts.

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