Milton Ramirez




The obstacles are in front of me.

It’s not them who are stopping me

It’s my own self who is stopping me

The success I crave, the success I wish for

Things will come together,


As of the sun dies,

The moon shines the night away,

As of the moon sleeps, the sun rises, emerges to light, a light so bright it illuminates the clear blue skies.


I am that sun I am that moon, they both are the similar thing but different.

I awaken each day, I got to sleep each night fighting myself, who is bringing my dream to not fight myself because I truly don’t understand myself.

Myself is embodied

Myself wants to break free.

Myself wants to over come myself.

Myself is stopping my self to reach my success story.

One day, one night, I will move forward, one day, one night, I will wakeup

One day, one night I will sleep knowing in the end I made it.

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