Once upon a time

Once upon a time in a time of judgmental people, there was one monkey who had the power to change the world. Pippy the jumping monkey, he dances, speaks monkey, gorilla, and some other language. Also he eats bananas like every time he eats. Pippy like materialistic things, he like luxury, he also likes the high life. What sets pippy apart from everyone is he uses his brain to control people so pippy was all wear form other monkeys so he thinks “I got the power to control all the humanity” so he was planning to control all the humankind, he started to teach other monkeys the way to how to act like using guns and tanks. Pippy became the leader of the monkeys thought them to be more human like and also thought them how to speak. It was unreal that the human who took care of him found him the forest teaching the other monkeys. By Pippy being leader he was enraged on how the humans treated monkeys. Pippy didn’t like how humans used monkeys as test dummies whenever the humans made a medicine or anything they tested it on the monkeys to see what the side affects could be and trust me, the side affects were deformity or fatal. So pippy thought to take matters onto his own hands by him training the other monkeys and such. He decided to form an army and got 50 other monkeys like him and got his army ready. Before he got them ready it just took him a while to remember their names because there’s too many other monkeys. Once he remembered every single name they got ready to march. The main one did that so they can have a routine and look like professionals. But that wasn’t the only thing he wanted. He wanted to do something so creative that later on that day and since they were going to have a routine with their march they were going to have to learn to march together around the moon and also around the earth. Piggy took his monkey to forest that’s when he met another monkey just like him the other monkey talk and walked just like him pippy said what’s your named my name is César and this my crew im the leader of this forest so pippy said that’s cool im the leader too my name is piggy and im the leader town im wanted to ruled over the world. He said this is cool lets go and rule our own planet and have our own language and grow lots of bananas and grapes and stuff like that.  The other monkey said sure why not I got nothing else to do and after that we can try to rule another world and make it fun.  Fine then it’s settled this is plan to rule to worlds grow lots of bananas and grapes and speak one language and lived happily ever after.


I saw a monkey with the ability of a human being brain function and a big mental information capacity. So from that came a monkey that is corrupted for power and the high life of many riches. Then the funny part is what other people ended up adding to it, it made me laugh. I like this piece that took one day to finish and give a brief revise. Most of my work is free write with a image that looks good to write about. I did not do any out line, i just went for it. I actually did compose a paragraph in my head, but i only saw pictures of what it was going to be about. What i did was, i left it up to writing about the picture in my head and thats how i compose paragraphs to my writing. It kind of feels like a clip rolling in my head and all i can to is write about it. After my first line in the paragraph, i had the ideal story in how my story would take course. So i was calm yet under pressure a bit due to being timed making something up. In most of my pieces i don’t think there are actual steps to composing any of my pieces. When i write, i write theres nothing more i can say about that, i just get lifted and left my fingers tell the story. After the piece was finished, i did revise it. The first thing i never did was change any major idea created by the other students. I left the story as it was, i just fixed any grammar and spelling typos. This writing is meaningful to me because it was a collaboration of about 20 students or less and ideas to add on to the story. I really enjoyed working on this story. the writing showed many sides of view on the topic, the story line was spontaneous. Some of the grammar and spelling was not too clear so i had to revise is and only got and idea of what is said to take its place.  Soon after that i fixed it up and then though it was possible for other people to read and understand my writing. My writing is clear to read. I was able to develop and explain my ideas because that first paragraph explain how the course of the story line would go. MY thinking and Growing came as i was feeling goofy, for i picked a monkey making it funny to give it human characteristics. I was only thinking imaginative goofy ideas.

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