Quick to Judge

Quick to Judge


Milton Ramirez



As I sit down next to some one who think is less than them

I wonder why people are quick to judge.

They might look like bums, but that’s just the cover of the book.

These people are broken. These people need help.

These people need a sovereign hand to pick them up.

These people need direction, although these people are quick to judge.

Tell me who are you to look the other way and ignore a person in need?

I’m sitting in front of this person watching people in disgust,

One by one people move seats, the smell, the appearance, the though of they are greater.

It angers me how people cant be any less selfish.

With all the money in the world it still wont be enough to help people in need.

With all the money in the world, I still wont be satisfied.

They don’t need money, clothes, food, shelter; all they need is to be understood,

But people are quick to judge.


Well this morning I though I was going to be late for school. I woke up at 8 then went back to sleep to nap an hour longer, one hour turn to be two hours. So I rush, I eat and get ready for school, and next thing you know I’m waiting for the bus, a few minutes pass and I get in the bus. What I usually do it sit all the way in the back. I sit down and there was this black lady was dressed like she lived in the streets, I still sat there even though she was talking to herself and smelled a little. I did not mind one minute at all as I sat next to her. One thing that got me mad was that one by one as people saw here they looked the other way or changed their mind about sitting around her and sat some where else. The funny thing about that bus ride was, this guy was sort of laughing at her, and I just gave him an evil stare and that face was gone. From that moment on he was not smirking once or looking towards our direction. Before exiting the bus I had 2 dollars to spare from 7 I had, and I only need 5 for when I get hungry later in the afternoon. So what I do was something that made me feel good, and that was give the lady 2 dollar, I end up telling her “ excuse me miss, miss? This is not much but here you go.” The whole bus ride there she had her eyes close, something about she had them close for she was a tired worker, well she was rambling off other thing for any one who cared to listen. And since she had her eyes closed she looked up to me and opened here eyes, then I got off the bus. That bus ride I wrote one of my writing called “ Quick to Judge” most of my writing have a lot of meaning to my pass present and future, also things that get to me, or things I get bothers by. My writing have value to me, because I know if they are never publish some one might pick up where I left off, and that the worth waiting for.


Journal #1

Well today I started with a bad start already. The thing that happened was, I just got off work and got dropped off. I took a while to get ready for school today…. all day. So yes I’m late to class today, although the bad start begins when I sat down on my chair. I open the files on the computer and see nothing related to my name or work. So my conclusion is that some one deleted my work, or the company mac does not like me. Even though I’m not as mad as I should be I’ll be fine, all I really did was pout. I do blame myself for not getting a flash drive like professor Wheeler instructed the class to. Also whenever I buy flash drive I have to buy more than one, the reason is that I lose everything. Well there you have it, know you know to buy yourself a flash drive so you wont be a victim of deleted and or lost files.


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