Where I’m From

I am from English bull dog that smells of decay.

From old favorite clothes and worn out shoes.

I am from the small, brittle, old, broken window, smelly, little ghetto, well furnished.

I am from the guamuchil, roses, wild flower, and marijuana.

The peanut planet, lemon tree, canna cultivars, tall green stem red flower, and infested lemon stump.

I’m from celebrating holidays together and no facial hair.

From Giovanni and Elidia

I’m from the tough love, violence, fuck you too, strong house hold and short fuse, sarcasm, polite respectful or disrespectful amongst each other.

I’m from lack of Catholic Church, now as we grew together but part.

From the time it was all five of us brothers and sister with our mother which makes us 6.

At the Azusa canyons, family and friends having a splendid evening.

All together as a family should be, the inspiration to keep my head up with always guide me and love me as his baby brother, is my older brother Giovanni.

Living room, four generations, baby nephew, child hood images, my mother’s photograph, rocks and colliding waves and oceans mural, baby picture.

Photographs can be torn apart, ripped, thrown away, burned, but memories of them last a life time.



Before I started writing  I saw images of when i was younger. I tryed to relive my childhood through my memories. I realize my tpoic after the professor spoke to us and gave us directions of what to write about, as he was speaking i was thinking back when i was very young and still got into trouble, nothing but good and bad memories came to mind. I like many of the ideas i wrote for this piece, although the last sentance is my favorite thing of my writing. This phrase i though of is meaningful, ” Photographs can be torn apart, ripped, thrown away, burned, but memories of them last a life time.) That sentence i wrote is so true to the way i percept it to be. This piece is meaningful to me because most of my memories rest in display for people to read. My writing swiches topics because they are diffrent ideas i though of trying to relive my memories. I dont think i would add anything more to this piece because i tryed to write another one similar but the first piece is better.

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