Different Leagues


Milton Ramirez

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We are in a different league, read my lyrics and you still don’t know what I mean. Buy a dictionary if you don’t already have one, still don’t know what I mean. Puzzle your brain and you might have a clue, to what I think too. Life isn’t so simple, thriving for the top, you already know what I been through. Fewer words describe what I’m into; its fundamental there won’t be any issues. Too much on my mind to think less of the situation. Too much to think of bettering determination. Find yourself, through yourself there will be restoration. Many people speak on what they got, I’m thankful of what I don’t have. Through time I’m getting what’s in the lot, for I dream too big to leave helpless hope to rot. It’s needless to say giving me what the world has to offers. In the end that’s pretty much what we are after.

Fire Drill


Milton Ramirez






Donny was a man who owned a donut shop down the street from a crack house. Friends and I would call it Donny’s ghetto donut. Seeing people running to the sides of houses and running away from it raised suspicions. I though they just had something important to tell them. My friend lui called them dealers. I didn’t really know what they deal or sell. My other friend tommy would deliver donut boxes to Donny the donut guy. Now I though that was a little weird, I mean who delivers donuts to a donut shop? Where’s the logic in that?  Growing up was not so easy, dodging random people that are in their cars that stop and put only one foot out or their cars and start to shoot. Something about drive bye’s I heard were not good so they do that now. Any ways about that donut shop, there is still a bench that looks like a pile of junk. I swear I knew a girl once who sat there and get aid just by touching that bench. Its probably possessed or something. Never seen anything like it in my time before. Oh yeah the bench is right in front of Donny’s ghetto donut, such an ugly thing to look at, no wonder cops look the other ways and think nothing more of the donut shop. Ever since the new club called “cheap cheeks” opened up across the street a lot of well-dressed ladies would work there and have guys turn their necks. Lui and Tommy said once “let go bambino, to that new club, theirs tons of chick”, an I would always ignore them because most of them girls would give me dirty likes like they want to bite or lick me. They always stick their tongs out like they are a baby, or even worst they lick their lips calling me daddy. I’m not even old enough to shave and them females call me daddy.so I told myself these people are crazy with glass wear in their hands telling me if I want to smoke. I always tell em I only smoke cigarettes so bug off you witch. Seriously these girls looked like witches, messed up nose jobs and by the looks of it the Botox was wearing off. Tommy came one time asking me for help because the donuts he delivered where melting because his cook did a bad job, so I tell him, if they are melting put them in the freezer so I can be ice. And since that day on people started calling me ice man. I didn’t think much of it but it was something. Random people starting giving me money, saying it is the tax for the streets. I only thought the government collects taxes, So I set up my own little government. Soon before I know it I have an empire and don’t know what even happened to my friends, or to what seem to be my child hood. Turns out they never existed physically, but appeared in my conscience. I been living this life without know what I really was doing. So I realized that things escalated quickly and people started making me a target, so I leave and reinvent myself as a donut shop owner.