Different Leagues


Milton Ramirez

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We are in a different league, read my lyrics and you still don’t know what I mean. Buy a dictionary if you don’t already have one, still don’t know what I mean. Puzzle your brain and you might have a clue, to what I think too. Life isn’t so simple, thriving for the top, you already know what I been through. Fewer words describe what I’m into; its fundamental there won’t be any issues. Too much on my mind to think less of the situation. Too much to think of bettering determination. Find yourself, through yourself there will be restoration. Many people speak on what they got, I’m thankful of what I don’t have. Through time I’m getting what’s in the lot, for I dream too big to leave helpless hope to rot. It’s needless to say giving me what the world has to offers. In the end that’s pretty much what we are after.

Fire Drill


Milton Ramirez






Donny was a man who owned a donut shop down the street from a crack house. Friends and I would call it Donny’s ghetto donut. Seeing people running to the sides of houses and running away from it raised suspicions. I though they just had something important to tell them. My friend lui called them dealers. I didn’t really know what they deal or sell. My other friend tommy would deliver donut boxes to Donny the donut guy. Now I though that was a little weird, I mean who delivers donuts to a donut shop? Where’s the logic in that?  Growing up was not so easy, dodging random people that are in their cars that stop and put only one foot out or their cars and start to shoot. Something about drive bye’s I heard were not good so they do that now. Any ways about that donut shop, there is still a bench that looks like a pile of junk. I swear I knew a girl once who sat there and get aid just by touching that bench. Its probably possessed or something. Never seen anything like it in my time before. Oh yeah the bench is right in front of Donny’s ghetto donut, such an ugly thing to look at, no wonder cops look the other ways and think nothing more of the donut shop. Ever since the new club called “cheap cheeks” opened up across the street a lot of well-dressed ladies would work there and have guys turn their necks. Lui and Tommy said once “let go bambino, to that new club, theirs tons of chick”, an I would always ignore them because most of them girls would give me dirty likes like they want to bite or lick me. They always stick their tongs out like they are a baby, or even worst they lick their lips calling me daddy. I’m not even old enough to shave and them females call me daddy.so I told myself these people are crazy with glass wear in their hands telling me if I want to smoke. I always tell em I only smoke cigarettes so bug off you witch. Seriously these girls looked like witches, messed up nose jobs and by the looks of it the Botox was wearing off. Tommy came one time asking me for help because the donuts he delivered where melting because his cook did a bad job, so I tell him, if they are melting put them in the freezer so I can be ice. And since that day on people started calling me ice man. I didn’t think much of it but it was something. Random people starting giving me money, saying it is the tax for the streets. I only thought the government collects taxes, So I set up my own little government. Soon before I know it I have an empire and don’t know what even happened to my friends, or to what seem to be my child hood. Turns out they never existed physically, but appeared in my conscience. I been living this life without know what I really was doing. So I realized that things escalated quickly and people started making me a target, so I leave and reinvent myself as a donut shop owner.

Alone I Stand

Each day as I sit back and pay attention to the world revolving around us, I see old generation, our generation, and new generation dumbing down. Blind to society retracing our steps, running in circles that seem to be no end. I blame the people that feed into what appears to be trending, of what seems to be normal, what is said to be right. I’m here and I stand-alone in this world of confusion rotting away innocent souls to the core. I stand-alone for I think too much that I feed into these lie that are making us be not be our true self. Disappointment comes in every bottle, man created junk, sip after sip drag after drag to forget what you really are. I rather live in famine than live the illusion of being rich. Mind tricks, what is going on deprived from our full potential to populate and what is known to be an immortal being. Nothing of what I say, think, or feel is said for have divine powers that are restricted. Fear is something that is created at birth so you wont bite the hand that feeds you. How can you understand what I am saying to you, words are created, words are erased, body’s are killed minds are corrupted, souls are eternal.

15 minutes of writing

my title is fifteen minutes, for i am attempting to write about something for fifteen minutes. Creativity flows from the back of my mind, and travels to my motor functions that write, type, draw, or think which creates art. Art can be many things so i wont talk about that. Writing can be many things as-well.  have i mention there is ten minutes left? Although i haven’t talked about much for some apparent reason i will think of something. What are your political view of war? To be honest i think war is never going to stop, and will the violence and death of war keep repeating itself and will all the children down grade in class each year they are infested with the medias brain washed by scum. have you hear about freedom, because i sure heard of it, never really felt it for the world is against critical thinkers. there’s a bone to chew on, or to ponder about. how well do you know your self to know your surroundings are changing drastically that you have no clue. Open your mind to explore the unthinkable, to second mind yourself, to pass a border determining your life. So when is the last time your going to walk with your eyes closed and see with your ears.

My Sole Purpose

My sole purpose to writing is something that comes from the inside of my mind, body, and soul. Each letter adding up to a word is a symphony to my ear. So effortlessly trying to make your day with a “hello how was your day,” to “how did life go today.” Words heal the wounded that self-destruct physically, although the body is down their minds don’t give up. With a few words of encouragement day by day they will be back on their feet. In music the melody sweeps you away, paying no attention what so ever on the words it says. Some words may relate to you, some words you want to be a part of. Words bring life to music, without it, it will just be noise. For me writing takes me away, tapping into my self-conscience where I am liberated. The less they share to show the more they bare to hold back. Words are powerful, with out them we would be talking gibberish.


what i saw in my mind before i started writing was not an image. I acted on instinct and my fingers where the words and the keyboard was the paper, i was just the passenger not relying on the course of flow this piece was headed.  The first thing i did was free write, i dont really know what im going to write about after typeing a paragraph then i get and idea and keep that idea going untill i finish my piece. Before and after my first line, my passionate side of writing too action, and i just went with the flow. Although i was writing quickly, i still managed my point across about writing and the words what they can do. All i can say about the steps of composing the whole thing was adding diffrent topics that relate to each other through letters and sound. I did not revise as i kept on writing, there was no reason to change this piece because i ended up likeing it alot. I wrote this piece withough any drafts, like most of my other writings. This writing is meaningful to me because its something that came from deep passion i had for this writing of mine. I think that the writing does not show  my thinking on the topic beacue my ideas change to relate with diffrent materials i added. I believe that i was able to develope and explain my ideas, for i shared my only purpose to writing. Most of my ideas, like i said before, they all relate to each other. The thing i do like about this writing is how its all forms to a clear conclusion how words affect the way we communicate, speak, write, and why i like to write. Who knows what would happen if i continue to work on this piece, I would propably make it longer y adding more supportive details.

I’m not as mad as i should be.

Well today I started with a bad start already. The thing that happened was, I just got off work and got dropped off. I took a while to get ready for school today…. all day. So yes I’m late to class today, although the bad start begins when I sat down on my chair. I open the files on the computer and see nothing related to my name or work. So my conclusion is that some one deleted my work, or the company mac does not like me. Even though I’m not as mad as I should be I’ll be fine, all I really did was pout. I do blame myself for not getting a flash drive like professor Wheeler instructed the class to. Also whenever I buy flash drive I have to buy more than one, the reason is that I lose everything. Well there you have it, now you know to buy yourself a flash drive so you wont be a victim of deleted and or lost files.


When you are nice to people or are thoughtful, doors are opened for you attracting desired riches. You can attract anything with your good nature, positive attitude, and maybe your charm. People don’t have to notice your good actions right away, it should be done not caring or knowing who knows or is looking.

Many people mistake the fact of being good, and do something the complete opposite to attract bad fortune. That’s one of the reasons why some people are unbearable to be around because the negative energy that burdens them for life or a short period of time. Stop thinking of what’s good or bad, do what ever feels right in that moment of time.

Time is one thing in life that we coexist because with out it we would not exist.

So why not be good for that moment of time while we still can?

It doesn’t hurt to be good once in a while, you might even move up in life.

Milton’s Autobiography


My Name is Milton; I’m 18 years old for southern California. When I attended high school my creativity followed. I was also involved in sports, like football, wrestling, baseball and track and field. I Love riding long boards or cruise around the city in which ever transportation that is available. I was influence by the mystical root know as Marijuana, I was introduced to this plant when I was in the 4th grade. I was a bad kid, but I grew older and older I knew things where changing I was becoming a different person, I grew calmer and calmer, wiser and wiser. I was only 8 but my mind felt old.

  The weed followed 2 years after that first joint toke. Was I wrong to smoke as a kid? Yes, but it’s my experiences that brought me to this day. I’m very optimistic when it comes to things happening for a reason. One thing I fear in life is a waste of talent, someone looking the other way because of something I could of, should have, and would have done. Forever I would sit in regret as I do now, for I would be a greater person if certain events didn’t happen until I actually knew what I was doing, or being the right age. the first writing I think I ever did was in the 5th or 6th grade, the vague memory as flashback that are unclear when I attended a continuation school for middle school kids. I forgot how the story goes or what is was about, all I know it was time I invested into that piece that made the effort worth it. Since then, the way I look at myself as a writer is better than times in the past. I would always write, and have the randomness ideas.

When I would write I would get lost in my own words and for a short second I would day dream and see my story coming to actual visible life. At first, I wasn’t the best writer I see myself today. I still remember times when I would write and my writing would be sloppy and have run on sentences, I would even forget what I would write for some sluggish words. I haven’t had any problems trying to fix run on sentences because I now know how to set sentences up with words that are considered sentence starters.

My progress in this class is great because I got a chance to spread creativity as I type or think. My teach in high school once told me I have deep meaning when I would talk or give my feedback on the books we read, “Catcher in the Rye” and “of mice and men”, these stories I enjoy to have read. Once my teacher told me that, I felt delighted and rewarded by her words. When I write I would also use my life, or certain event I had or wish I had and add that to my work. I also use what I consider to be part of my dark side the way I say certain things. My feelings are like the colors of a chameleon, they change ever so. My writing skills have been sharpened and I can see myself creating something wonderful with my artistic values that I will put to the test.

LEARN81 has helped me become a more confident and call myself a writer. I want to mention my older brother Giovanni, he’s been my role model growing up, because he would always lecture me, and say don’t be a fuck up. My brother motivated me throughout my schooling years. His ambition and what he aspired to do to make money like selling chocolates from door to door, or cutting hair. No matter if we didn’t have much valuables he would always be very humble and was respected by many and hated by few.  Without my brother looking after his littlest brother I would still be my old self. I can say tough love made me tougher and richer person in characteristic values. Thank you Professor Dan, for making this class fun and very educational.


It’s raining why not?

This picture is a great example of today, raining season is great. the wonders an umbrella can do when water falls from the skies. the rain drops are like word sounds to the ear as they touch the top and slip down the umbrella. beautiful sound as your mind is expanded to a state where everything seems clearer to the eye. Most of all senses are used, my smell; the fersh cut smell of dirt as the drops and covers the land, sight; when you see the way the landscape shines because of the rain, Hear; is a river flowpassing through magnetic ears listening, Feel; the cold drops over my body as it multiples when i remove the umbrella, and the taste of a good morning to start off loving every moment.