I’m not as religious as I should be, although i was born into a religion. my mother is catholic, so is my ghost of a father. my dad is not dead, just his presence for memories of him are vague. The most time i spent with him was less than a year altogether. I consider my self    a hypocrite, as bad as it sounds its truth that can’t be denied. I reject hopes of false prophets that i chose to believe false. religion is a big part of everyone’s world. I don’t Mean to offend anyone when i say religion is a type of tool use for the government to keep the people manipulated under their control. This seems harsh at first, but the hope of faith you believe in. I do believe there is a creator of all, but i will not believe other based on religion, This picture resembles religion is dead; the gold color of the neck, hair and skull simplifies the greater standing they are in. Gold is the gods royal color. I have not read the bible; i’m a sinner, a lost soul searching his god withing himself.

Nerd Kitchen

when you’re a chef you really have to know what you’re doing, it’s time consuming, stressful, and physical when you’re scattered all over the place. preparing meals, slicing and dicing, juice flavors with nostril opening aromas everywhere, this is why you need a game plan and cool gadgets. you don’t want to be a boring cook, you want to be a fun cool cook. you need to have a top of the line juicer; like a HP commercial motor with heavy duty diet cast housing over 20 processing options, and a blender; Peak Hp 48,000 RPM bare motor, The Raptor. Can’t forget the mixer with a 7-quart stainless steel bowl 12 mixing speeds, the overwhelming excitement just thinking about it. just know you need equipment to have fun in the kitchen. you don’t need to be a pro chef, because everybody is a cook no matter if your terribly lousy. Cooking is Art, and this is my art. Stay out if the kitchen if you can’t cope with the heat. Narrated by the chef in the picture.  

Election Day

 This picture caught my attention because I’m sure my city is not the only city holding elections from within their community. Usually elections are held in community schools, restaurants or even libraries. My election pole I have to attend to vote is a few houses down the street from where I live, so now I only have to walk a short distance. Election Day brings a great memory from the last elections, but that was the presidential election. I was a pole worker and I had a pleasant time speaking to people, greeting them, meeting voters. Some female voters were pretty attractive but I still worked professional. These holidays in the fall are the best, thrill full 30 days of Halloween, the fresh November winds that fill my body with tiny cuts of refreshments ending with my jolly day of the year, Christmas. I love Christmas because the principle of great of year it is supposed to be but I do the complete opposite acting like the Grinch. I also miss working as a pole worker this year. I got interested and involved my senior year of high school in my English class. My teacher had fliers to fill and sign to volunteer, so I did.

Children Story: Adventures of Arthur

  Once time when there existed dragons their lives young king by the name of Arthur. “I’m Arthur the great, loyal to my people and I rain wrath upon foes” he would say. Now Arthur was a great king, although lacked the traits of sharing his glory along with his fortunes amongst his loyal friends “I preferred to stay glorious and keep my fortunes to myself for I am Greed”. They live in this really big castle that had big walls to protect themselves from any intruders that try to do harm to their loved ones “No one shall penetrate these walls of greatness”. They have great defense and a mote with crocodiles surrounded all around the big castle those who cross over without consulting me are no more”.

Arthur has five good loyal friends. Luis was an angry fella, Ana was always happy, Able was reliable, Flake …well he was delinquent , and there was Charity the most beautiful down to earth, genuine girl Arthur had ever laid eyes upon. Arthur likes Charity, but she did not like that he was greedy “Please Arthur share your knowledge on making your great steak” she once told him. Startled Arthur replied “No! It’s a family recipe, and that’s that!” one stormy night a dragon had attacked their castle. “Protect King Arthur! All men get to your defense positions!”  Shouted commands by Luis. “King are you ok?” Able asked. “No lives were lost but the dragon made a mess of things” Arthur replied. “Stop being foolish you are wounded” suggested Anna with great concern. “They’re just flesh wounds, I’ll live, attend the badly injured at once Able”, “yes your majesty”. “All that was required now was days of manual labor, to repair the castle” commented Flake. “Yeah and I’m sure you’ll be the worker in the domain” chuckled Charity with a sincere smile. “I am too!” shouted Flake “enough blabbering guys, get to work” demanded Arthur.

Despite their different traits, amongst the five friends they would be sharing. Charity loved making her best tasteful peach pie in the region “every bite is a bite of love and compassion”. Luis loved making some little rice cakes that taste really good with a well brewed coffee Able is destined to make. Arthur makes the best steaks in the entire kingdom, “No one shall know my ingredients”.

Afternooons   with the golden windy skies seem to attract the six friends and they talk amongst their selves, giving each other feedback. Everyone was thinking about it to tell Arthur that sharing is not bad, in fact makes you courteous: but no one brought it up that time.

The next day the golden bells where ringing because it was study hall time. “All personals make your way down the hall!” shouted Luis. In study hall knights would train, or wizards would work their magic, or rouges would practice their stealth, even hunters would practice their archery.

A variety of different people go to train and study. “Train hard my fellow people, for it will give to greater chances to your survival” yelled Arthur as he made his way down the hall battling knights with his mighty sword. “Self-studying is good thing to do so you can be good at a certain profession you want to succeed in” continued Arthur. Most of the time in study hall the hunters would share their knowledge with the rogues to blend into their surroundings much better, that made the hunters feel good about their selves. Even though Luis is always angry he would be happy when he is courteous by sharing his rice cakes because that brought joy to everyone around him that ate his food. Also in the study hall it’s diverse in activities and everyone who goes, shares food or drinks, some even share swords to spar but not Arthur.

Arthur doesn’t really like going to study hall because people ask to borrow one of many swords he has stored, he sits alone feeling depressed because his friends like him less each day. One thing he knows is he is in fact greedy: another way of being greedy is being selfish when you just worry about yourself and not others. Arthur thought flake didn’t like spending time with him because he sometimes would not keep him company during study hall. But flake is a person who you can’t count on. Arthur felt sick one day after another dragon attack. He might have eaten something or felt stressed out for he was up and down shouting commands to scare off the dragon. That same day Anna was by his side, “oh what’s wrong my beloved king?” and she kept him warm and jolly. “I’m getting too old for this” Arthur replied. “But your only 23 years old my king”.

  That night he was having nightmares, that all his friends abandoned him because he kept feeling bad for not even once sharing his famous and best steak in the kingdom “No! No! Don’t leave me, you guys are all I have” sobbing as he was still sleeping. Charity awoke and ran down the hall to Arthur’s bedroom and hugged him saying “everything is going to be alright”, she also told him “don’t worry about changing right away, its better taking things one step at a time”, Arthur replies “thank you, your always there for me even though I am selfish, and I’m sorry” as he was half awake. The next morning it was a strange day; Arthur was very active doing favors for everyone, helping out his kingdom, sharing his wisdom. His entire friends were shocked, surprised, and also glad. Arthur finally found a solution to keep the dragons away: by spraying water through a pump from the ground that had an underwater stream a hunter found him. Also everyone was worried for Arthur himself rung the golden bells and opened the doors of his castle for everyone to enjoy his famous steak in his kingdom. This changed a lot of things from his usual day, which was Arthurs Best Day Ever. He also confessed to charity that he really liked her more than a friend and she felt the same way. They rode off in his white stallion he uses for battle, while friends, family and the noble people enjoyed their feast offered by their Loved King. Arthur finally understood meaning of sharing and the emotions he feels when everyone experiences the same feelings. Arthur became the king he was destined to be. Arthur left a message by saying “when you don’t share there are consequences, you lose friends, despised by others, and it makes you look like a bad person, so share whatever you have to offer, someday you will be offered something in return”. The End






The war doesn’t stop it keeps going. Fueled by patriotism, where’s the logic in that. No matter how many years pass by the man is not in the war, the war is in the man. How long will you follow this man until you stop and ponder if it’s right or not or if it’s just a figure of your imagination? Rubble is all that is left and just helpless souls walk the world of the living, but what about the dead? They are just mourned and later forgotten at heart, but forgotten. A visionary is what I see in this picture, by the looks of it, it’s only a matter of time before the battler our country fights will no longer be foreign fields. Flying birds of death and destruction, fires illuminating the skies, our flag posted and not forsaken on the ground. The white house in colorful display, as bright as the fireworks in what is believed to be our independence on the 4th of July. I bet you didn’t know it was originally the 5th of July, as far as I know somewhere along the road that struck me to be the truth, so I chose to believe that. Who is the visionary? Its America at it full potential, it just doesn’t know it yet. Promising for better days, she stays strong for the visionary to keep its promise to undying hostility, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. 

There is no such thing as “Writers Block”



  Once upon a time, long ago lived this unfortunate banker, who pondered when his time will come. He would struggle to get his work done both in the office and in school. He only had a certain amount of time he would find himself at peace. But he could not enjoy it, for it will soon be over. This banker, his name is Logan from 420 stony avenue. A former man who wanted to become a billionaire so that life could be easier. Since working at the office and money was hard to get especially since he was paying for himself to go to school. He was trying to think of some way he could make extra cash on the side. So he had a friend who had connection on the side. And he asked him for help and the friend’s job was to deliver and transport liquor to different places. And they made big bucks; about 1 million and he thought about it for a while and he really needed money badly so he decides to get in the deal with his friend. The next day his friend and he delivered their first cargo to New York City. They hoped everything goes well in their business trip so that way they can make the money that Logan wants to make, at the end of the day it was successful. They sold more than they think they will. Logan became inspired with more ideas to sell the friends liquor, and that way both can become more than millionaires, they wanted to become multimillionaires. Logan asks his friend “what if we make our own company and go place to place around the world.” All of a sudden a flock of sheep come running out of nowhere in the little hick town where this so called banker lived that want to be rich! So Logan was thinking and said: I have an Idea!! I’m going to catch all these sheep and sell their wool for more money; I will sure become a millionaire then! I will even sell the lambs as pets for younger kids to play with and even make jackets, pants, and other clothes that can be sold so that I would be a millionaire. I need to have all kinds of ideas so I will always make money and never be broke. So he did and made some money but he could not think of any new ideas so he walked around looking for new ones. Happy with all the money his ambitious goal got him in life will continues as he goes on a quest for adventurous events to find new ideas and lived happily ever after…then a monkey with a hand banana killed him. The monkey lived happily ever after, after sealing the banana from dead Logan’s kitchen. THE END

The Edge


  The thought of nothing left to get out of the world, the thought of giving up, the thought of failure, the thought of confusion, the thought of being neglected, This strikes the mind of these two people standing on the edge with no sign of direction. I could only imagine what the lady is saying, “what are we going to do? What is our move? What is going to happen from this day forward?”, “I’m thinking, don’t pressure me… I’ll get us out of this mess” with no clue on what to do next but just stand there fiercely close to the edge like a suicidal man or woman whatever the case may be. Standing there is really starting to look friendly in their eyes of false truth. For they have no guide to help to maybe turning something bad into something great, but there is no one with optimism in range. So they are stuck with misery, thinking to jump and fly away to be set free. Also it has no relation of what I just spoke about but, the character in the picture resembles Professor Dan. 

Take a Break


  Sometimes the world is too much; you need to take a break from reality. From surroundings that pollute your restless mind that devours every part of your mind, body, and soul. To working like a dog with no bark and no treat, you are told what to do, when to do it hot to do it and why. The world is too much when it has leverage against you will to survive in this land. The city impacted of zombies that rush                                                                      to their 2 o’clock, late night shifts working graveyard shifts   can get a man tired. Even if you’re a powerful man of misfortune with no happiness it can get tiring as well. People are too focused on luxury and fancy things society spits to their ears. Jaws cracked open on new trends. The city eating away the dreamers running freely with high hopes of prevailing, this is where it will make you or brakes you. Just as you think you’re on top, you’re lower than before, it’s a maze. We are the rats in the maze working for richer cheese, toppling people with no regards to stopping. Things like this happen day to day from blue color to white color jobs; they are all crabs in the barrel pulling you down so you will finish last. It’s a contagious disease that everyone is born with, greed. Take a break from all this, go to the countryside. Isolate yourself with not though of looking back, that’s tomorrow’s problem just sit there breathing in what the trees breath out, let it cleanse your body with fresh organic air for your lungs. With that being said at the end of the day , find your peaceful place that takes you away for a little while. Sometimes you need to have some type of rest, enjoy it. Take a Break.

Ant’s Mysterious ways

  Have you ever stop and notice an ant? Although they are extremely small they can pick up 10x their weight, that’s remarkable. Even in the face of death, they still sting or bite on. A cool fact I learned about them is native tribes, ants are resourceful by letting the ant bite the wound then decapitate their head so it would close the wounds instead of stitching up a cut. Another interesting thing I learned this morning is, they have wars and invaded other colonies of ants. Some ants help another out by doing whatever they can to help them. Other ants kill ants to harvest their young to come, and once that is done they are used for free labor. They tend to be slaves for the rest of their lives, but some fight off and overtake their personal in charge. In this picture it’s hard to determine whether Ant 1 is helping the fallen ant, or killing him off, or even taking his young to come away from Ant 2. Well the good news is Ant 1 is the underdog, and Ant 2 should have been nicer to Ant 1, because by the looks of it you’re on the ground dyeing. Ants are weird mysterious creatures.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Picture Writing

Picture Writing

Actions speak louder than words. It’s not what you say, that going to make you have a bigger revenue. It’s what you do about it, what you’re willing to sacrifice to make a difference. This picture has 6 business men, 3 on each side of the table parallel to each other. The man on the far top right is the man who is doing the talking, more like laughing about it. Now he is saying that their company has so much money, when I reality it’s the complete opposite. And everybody in that table is feeding off what he has to say. There seems to be an agreement or something, because not one person is serious. They all have a plastic smile on their faces. But then again they may be talking about great ideas to make greater revenue for their company, because of how much money they don’t have. Like I said they are just talking, instead of taking the initiative and doing something about it. All I have to say is this picture shows me is don’t talk about it be about it. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS