The Try Hard Face; Picture Writing

The Try Hard Face; Picture Writing

This picture unraveled an old memory in my unconscious mind that I had to bring up. I like to call it try hard. When I use to game online and an enemy clutches a round-try hard. Or when it’s a physical sport with a type of game plan and the opposite team is losing, then they catch up- try hard. But this picture of this man, thinking to himself this is it, this is the defining moment that’s going to determine whether or not I will advance playing pro, or still in the streets. With that excellent body posture detailing the great amount of force that he is going to apply to the tennis ball, the fierier rage and long stored anger will go into that serve. No dough in that man’s face which enables him to be considered a -try hard. It’s usually when someone sucks at one thing and next thing you notice they start trying hard to win, and that’s my point. This picture helped me remember a time in high school wrestling that I practicing. We would roll around in the mats and on good day we would just play games like round robin, iron man, king of the mat, queen bee. And if someone would get mad when they could not beat me they called me a -try hard. That was what this picture unraveled in my unconscious mind.