In life there’s obstacles that make us or break us. an acronym I created for myself and others is H.L.E.D; Hard Life Easy Death. Now why is that, to live you have to suffer, go through struggles, even become something you don’t want to be. Nevertheless life will go on by as a blind man deals this his sorrows and misfortune. Death, what is death, how can you live without knowing what is death like? what lies behind the line of being present to this day and dying a few years ago? what goes on when the dead are dead? Can they see us? these are few questions that come to mind when i think the unthinkable. Now i believe that there are people out there living and subconsciously thinking about their soul mates. not knowing who they are but knowing they exist. i also believe in a parallel universe in this earth, i will explain myself. people are the same in many ways, that’s why there are friend that you meet in one day and automatically you become the best of friend. life is unexpectable, confusing, strange and just plain is the hardest thing to do, life is free, well not anymore. Life and Death is spontaneous.

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